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Senior Golf Stuff

Senior golfers in a group have more fun and play more rounds of golf than the average golfer. Having raised their own families and retired in their careers, senior golf players have more time than their younger competitors. For that reason senior golfers are believed to always be the “bread-and-butter” on the local golf courses throughout the country.

Common Grips Used To Hold The Golf Club

There are several grips that are commonly used to hold the golf club. Technically only one is recommended but other grips have been employed by professional golfers who have been very successful on the PGA tour. It is recommended that if you are learning the game of golf you use the correct grip, as it will help ensure proper golf swing mechanics.

Fantastic and Great Golf Gift Ideas

When you know someone who loves playing golf then you will not have a hard time coming up with unforgettable ideas on what to give them. Just to jog your memory some of these special occasions will be Birthdays, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Valentines, Christmas, special awards or any other special occasion that may arise. If you’re not a golfer yourself it may be difficult to think of some things that the golfer may like, which is where this little guide will come in handy!

Golf Putting Tips – Putt With Both Sides of Your Brain

The mental aspect of the game of golf is fundamental, particularly when it comes to putting since the putting stroke is quiet and subtle with relatively little movement. But there are two sides to the “mental” part of the game. Learn about the two sides of the mental game and how to utilize them to improve your putting performance.

How to Golf

Learning how to golf is a journey of a thousand small steps, and when approached this way is very enjoyable. The process of learning the golf swing starts with educating the hands, in understanding how both the left and the right hands function in gripping the club and then also during the swing phase. The way you grip is determined by the size of your hands, as to whether you interlock, overlap or use a 10 finger baseball grip.

How You Can Become a Pro Golfer

Ever dream of becoming a professional athlete? It seems a really great profession to be in, whichever sport you might happen to choose. Sure, there are the glitz and the seeming glamor of many major professional sports, where the top players and athletes achieve their own level of celebrity and super stardom. And of course there are the financial rewards of being among the top performers and popular figures in your sport.

Different Golf Gift Ideas for All Kinds of Golfer

If you have already given all kinds of golf gifts to a friend or someone you know then it’s probably very hard to think of something unique to give for any other occasions. However there are still many other unique golf gift ideas that you can find. All you need is your imagination and a little thought about your recipient’s personality, gender and occupation.

Unique Golf Gifts and More

Keep Your Head Still. A still head is a crucial aspect of having a solid contact and consistent putting. Focus on making your head still well after impact is made with the ball. Shifting your head will cause shoulders to spread out and your putter to cut over the ball.

Awesome Golf Tournament Gifts

Put some muscle on it! Golf isn’t really an all in the wrist game as they are usually recommended. In order to obtain a strong swing, you need to use your leg and arm muscles to do it. The common impulse of many beginners is to hit at the ball with just the arms and wrists. That doesn’t normally work.

Unique and Affordable Golf Gift Baskets

Play miniature golf as much as possible because playing miniature golf is a great way to improve your putting abilities. Many seasoned golfers laugh at attempting to try this but its true! Good miniature golf courses provide really challenging obstacles you have to put through, under, around and over, which can give a greater challenge than you think. Some of these are not as easy to putt as opposed to fanciest greens!

Tips on Enhancing Your Golf Game

If you have made a decision to take up golf or even if you are a seasoned vet in the game, you might be on the lookout for golf tips. I have made the decision that since I am helping you to learn particular aspects of the game, it simply made sense to include a tip portion for making your game better.

Top Gifts for Men

As you can see there are both high points and low points in shopping online. There are helpful ways you can do to make sure that once you shop online you’ll be able to have the great deals on the best gears. These tips are invaluable in ensuring that you enjoy your online shopping experience and to ensure that you are completely satisfied. These are the following:

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