Xander Schauffele doesn’t feel like a rookie at Ryder Cup | Live from the Ryder Cup | Golf Channel

Xander Schauffele will be making his first Ryder Cup appearance, but says he doesn’t feel like a rookie since he’s shared experiences with most of his U.S. teammates. #GolfChannel #RyderCup #XanderSchauffele
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Xander Schauffele doesn’t feel like a rookie at Ryder Cup | Live from the Ryder Cup | Golf Channel

How to Become a Golf Coach

A lot of golfers will play golf a lot over the years and as they become experienced and reach the peak of their game you may feel like you want to teach others either learning the sport for the first time or those who are struggling and require a little guidance over particular shot types or issues with their shots. Becoming a golf coach is a great way to do this and many courses are seeking golf professionals to teach new members or become a resident golfing guru.

Some of the Best Golf Courses in Spain for Golf in Spain

Playing Golf when the weather is nice can be quite tough to get some time at your local course as there are often the usual golfers who play come rain or shine but there are also some of the ‘fair weather’ golfers who only seem to tee off when the sun comes out. This doesn’t mean you have to struggle when getting a game of golf, many people will simply venture to other golf courses they may not have tried and make the most of the ideal conditions.

Knowing When You Have Found the Right Golf Clubs for You

Buying golf equipment may seem like a fairly straight forward task for most people, you want to buy some clubs that will last and are solidly built for the rigours of a round of golf at the weekends. When starting to play golf you may choose a standard set of beginner’s golf clubs that can have features that make it easier to hit the ball straight but also give you a wide range of clubs that will help you out.

Golf Backswing – What You Need to Know and Why It Is So Important!

Are you sick of swinging the golf club poorly and struggling to hit a good shot on the golf course? Do you want to know how you can make the entire swing you have better and do so fast? The key to the golf swing is the golf backswing because this is where it all starts and this dictates the rest of the swing. Here are the things you have to know about your backswing to help make your swing more consistent.

Golf Alignment – One of the Keys to Hitting a Great Golf Shot!

Most weekend golfers do not understand the correct golf alignment for each shot. This is because they do not take the time to think about it a little bit and they probably have never had a trained professional explain to them exactly how it works. The first thing you have to do is grip the club properly. The second thing you have to do is set up to the ball correctly. The last thing you have to do is aim properly at the target. These all go together and today we are going to talk about the “Aim” part of the three.

Everybody’s Golfing! How More People Are Now Taking To the Tees

A lot of people will have a common stereotype in mind when they are asked to describe your average golf player; it is normally a gentleman in his later years, possibly with a fair bit of money behind him and a ludicrous pair of chequered trousers on. This may have been the case a few years ago but Golf has had somewhat of a revolution in recent years and found many more people either enjoying watching the game or even taking to the course themselves.

Golf GPS Units

GPS units are fast becoming one of the most used gadgets and everyone seems to want to have one, they are amazing and do have some great benefits for every occasion. Even golfers have realized the benefits to having golf GPS units on the course as they can assist with the game to their advantage. There are many different units available to purchase and knowing which one to buy can be confusing for you, you will need to consider your needs and budget before purchasing your golf GPS.

The Ugly Truth About Golf Yips

Most people think golf yips are a mechanical issue. That’s only part of the story. The other part is all mental and unless you learn this technique to deal with it, you may never cure it.

Simple Golfing Pointers – How to Tee Off in Front of a Crowd

Although a highly competitive sport at professional level, for us amateurs, golf is best seen as a game you play against yourself. Trying to iron out the imperfections and improve your overall play and consistency. Following are some simple instructions on how to cope with some of the great games situations.

Basic Golf Instruction to Improve Your Golf Skills

What is a beginner to do when he or she desires to learn the game of golf and is exploring taking golf instruction including basics, advanced and fixes? When exploring instruction, there are several things to keep in mind including your objectives, learning style and ability to practice. Really think through your objectives and how you can best absorb basics.

The Golf Clubs That Are Hard To Beat For Quality and Value

Since buying golf clubs can be a substantial investment, the first thing you need to decide is how much you are willing to spend. Your budget will be a key influence when determining what brand of clubs you should purchase. You may want to consider purchasing custom fit clubs since they are hard to beat for quality and value.

Beginner Putting Techinques

Do you want some good putting drills? Keep reading if you do.

Fixing the Golf Hook

So how do you stop hooking the ball? How do you hit the ball straight. I’ll give you a few pointers below…

Golf Approach Shot Tips

For all you beginner Golfers out there who don’t know what an approach shot is. An approach shot is your shot onto the green. A good way to know if your Golf game is improving is if you have to keep fixing your golf marks on the green.

Will a Golf Training Guide Fix My Game?

I was basically a kid when I started taking golf lessons, and after those first few initial lessons, I was hooked. From there on out, all I did was play – I never had another lesson. My friends would give me advice while we were out playing, and I would watch golf on TV, but I really had no idea how to get any better.

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