Why Jon Rahm is a historic, Tiger-esque favorite at the Spanish Open | Golf Channel

Head of Trading at POINTSBET Sportsbook, Jay Croucher joins Golf Today to talk Jon Rahm and break down the odds at this week’s Spanish Open. #GolfChannel #SpanishOpen #SpanishOpenOdds

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Outright odds to win Sanderson Farms Championship | Golf Channel

Why It’s Important to Practice Your Golf Swing

In a normal day of golfing I see many people who are just whacking the ball wildly around the course, or on the driving range. If this is you then it will be very difficult for you to get any better as you aren’t practicing correctly.

Korea’s Love Affair With Golf

The growth of the sport of golf in Korea is mind-blowing. With the LPGA success that Koreans have had, is it no wonder the sport has become a national obsession?

Golf Scotland and Come Home For a Round

Scotland is the home of golf. It is also home to something truly cosmopolitan.

When the Golf Season is Over

Many golfers do not participate in an off-season training program once their season has finished. This is a big mistake as game improvement is dependent on your physical ability to swing the golf club.

Playing the Right Golf Ball

Golfers frequently are confused when it comes to buying golf equipment. Here is a quick guide to assist in your next golf equipment purchase.

Senior Golf Apparel

Senior golfers have different clothing needs than most who head out on the golf course. Because the weather has a greater affect on older players, extra care should be taken by older golfers as they head out onto the golf course.

Golf Groundskeeper For a Day

Golf etiquette states that golfers must repair their divot and pitch marks. However, many still neglect this common courtesy and leave others steaming mad about it.

Golf Tools Every Golfer Should Own

Range Finder: There are many types of them, but they all do basically the same thing. They give golfers an accurate reading of how far it is to the flag stick. A lot of golf courses use marking systems which make it easier to tell, but exact measurements are important when it comes to proper golf club choice.

How Will a Golf Training Program Improve Your Game?

Lately, Bill has been noticing that his game is not as good as it usually is. He is missing shots he normally would have made and he has noticed that his putting is a bit short or too long. Bill takes a trip to the course a few times each week and still is not having any luck.

How Important is Pro Golf Equipment to a Player?

Though pro golf equipment are now accessible almost anywhere, professional players usually have very strict standards when it comes to picking their own equipment, especially clubs and putters. Some golfers even go as far as refusing free pro golf equipment offered to them because they know that using the wrong ones can cost them a very important game.

Does a Golf Training Course Really Help You?

The winter months really put a damper on Daron’s game time. He doesn’t have much time to practice as the weather will not permit him to be outside. This means that during the winter his game slacks off a bit. He is on the verge of hitting the retirement years where there are no limits to when or where he can play.

What it Takes to Win a Pro Golf Tournament

A pro golf tournament is usually divided into several segments: the driving game on the teeing ground, the long iron game on the fairways, the short game also known as chipping, and then the putting game. Hardly anybody ever talks about their recovery game which takes place in the woods.

What Golf Tips Can Improve Your Game?

After golfing for a while, Ian has come to the conclusion that he would like to improve his game. He is having a hard time looking and finding golf tips and doesn’t know where to look or how to start. He has some friends that try to help and offer some friendly tips to help, but this fails as well.

How Can You Find the Best Golf Training Equipment?

Mark has been trying to get his wife to take part in golf with him and she wants no part to do with it. He thought it would be something relaxing they could do together but she has other ideas. He uses golf as a way to escape. To get away from the daily stresses of life.

How Can Step by Step Golf Swing Help Improve Your Golf Swing?

Both Mark and his buddy were comparing golf swings with each other and giving each other friendly tips. Mark had no idea though that his was lacking so much. He was shocked as to what he was saying and to find out he was lacking with force really surprised him.

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