Wes Roach leads Palmetto after Round 1, S.C. native DJ shares second | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Golf Central looks back at the opening round of the Palmetto Championship at Congaree, where Wes Roach holds the solo lead and South Carolina native Dustin Johnson sits in a four-way tie for second. #GolfChannel #PGA #PalmettoChampionship
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Wes Roach leads Palmetto after Round 1, S.C. native DJ shares second | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Hit the Golf Ball Easy

Well, it really should be an adverb, easily, but you get the point. There’s no need to pound the ball, no need to launch it. Smooth and sweet works every time. I know. I found out for sure yesterday.

3 Top Putting Tips

The best thing to do is to make sure that you are getting the extra needed help for the areas you are lacking. For example, many people find that the longer shots are easy for them, but when it comes to putting, they are completely lost. Whether you feel completely lost or you are just looking for a little bit of extra help, you are going to want to check out as many putting tips as possible.

Familiar Game Spoilers In Golf

In sports, the principal goal is either to get the highest scores or just conquer the other competitors. It’s all about have the lead, dominating, and having the advantage over them. Alternatively, the game of golf is a matter of having less and more -more distance, and less strokes made in sinking the hole.

Hit The Driver Farther This Season – 3 Simple Ways To Add Driver Swing Speed

Golf season is upon us, and what better way to enjoy the season than by ripping the driver much further than last year? It’s a very simple process to add a few yards, and here”s how…

7 Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing

This article is about how to better your golf swing by seven easy steps. In these seven steps i summarize what you have to do to have a perfect, smooth golf swing. I teach you how to hold the club right to even the process of your back swing. These steps are easy to follow. I hope these steps help you out in some way enjoy.

End the 3 Putt – 5 Tips to End Three Putting Woes

How often have we listened to golfers lament: If only I wouldn’t have three putted on four holes, I would have broken 90 (or 80, or 70)? Despite the fact that we all three putt, most of us agree that those are definitely the squandered strokes which are easiest to fix. To end the 3 putt, I am going to address five areas that will assist you to put an end to three putting woes.

Golf Practice: Why You Should Stop Now!

In over 20 years as a PGA golf coach I have come across so many players that have been regularly practicing week after week, month after month and not been getting any better. Are you one of these many golfers? Surely if someone applies themselves over a period time improvement is guaranteed?! Sadly not!

How to Draw a Golf Ball – 4 Easy Steps

Most of us who no longer hit the ball for great distance look to improve our long game by drawing, or imparting a small hook, on our long shots. For the beginner or even intermediate player this may at first seem impossible, but with some knowledge of what we are trying to accomplish and a little practice, anyone can be hitting this shot consistently.

Oklahoma City Golf Vacations – Playing at the Earlywine Golf Course

Tourists planning for a golf vacation in Oklahoma City will enjoy a wonderful vacation, for Oklahoma City have a number of golf resorts and golf courses for the golf loving tourists. One of the most popular golf courses in Oklahoma City is the Earlywine Golf Course.

Proper Golf Backswing Tips – Perfect Golf Backswing Fundamentals

If you are in need of some proper golf backswing tips then you are in the right place! Here are some great golf backswing tips to get your game on track. In order to get the most from these golf backswing tips, you need to remember one rule; it’s not complicated. Keeping things simple is the key to perfecting your backswing into a thing of beauty.

The Tour Striker: Gimmick or Game Changer?

This article profiles the Tour Striker, a revolutionary golf swing trainer that’s taking the golf industry by storm. But is it only hype? Or is is the real deal? Inside we’ll discover more about the Tour Striker and how it works, plus an in-depth review from an avid golfer.

Fix the Golf Slice – The Major Key You Must Follow To Cure a Slice

The golf slice is one of the most frustrating problems to correct for many golfers, but if the causes of why a golf ball slices are clearly understood, the cure is not at all difficult. But before we give you the key to cure that slice, take a few deep breaths and SLOW DOWN your swing. Everything will fall into place if you think three-quarter speed.

5 Best Ways to Save Money On Buying New Golf Gear

Are you envious of your golfing buddies who trot out the latest golf equipment each new season while you’re still playing with stuff from 5 years ago? Is the smallest guy in your foursome continually outdriving you? Is your driver head made out of a once-living item? Then maybe it’s time to invest in an upgrade in your golfing gear. Here are the 5 best ways to get that new gear and still have cash leftover for green fees;

Golf Swing Tips – Lower Your Score By Chipping It Close

If you can chip the ball close to the pin when you have missed the green or come up short you can save a handful of strokes every round. Even from the rough or sand trap. If you can improve your short game your handicap will come tumbling down.

The Hottest New Golf Clubs for 2011 Are About to Hit the Shelves

With a new year and a new golf season under-way, the golf community is raving about the latest innovations in golf club technology. With Clubs taking some of the biggest technological leaps forward in golf history, it’s easy to see that 2011 is going to be a great year for golf. So which clubs are making the grade? And why?

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