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Basic Tips on How to Swing a Golf Club

Learning the basic tips on how to swing a golf club is not a piece of cake. Everybody wants to play golf like the way Tiger Woods is doing it. Honestly speaking, Woods did not achieve his excellence in the sports overnight. Every golfer that you meet will tell you that it is a must that you go back to square one in order for you to be excellent in this type of sports.

Garmin Approach S1 for Golfers: Now Measure Distances Easily

It is a good thing that there are some accessories that can help you make the sport easier and navigate easier around different golf courses. The Garmin’s golf GPS watch, Approach S1 is something just like what every golfer would want.

The 5 Biggest Reasons Players Miss Greens

Missing a green (that you thought you should have hit) is a source of frustration for all golfers at some time or another. In this article we’ll look at the 5 biggest reasons for this mishap.

The Purpose and Importance of the Waggle

This article discusses the purpose of the waggle and the importance of the waggle to the golf swing. If you are interested in learning the motion of the golf swing, start by learning how to waggle a golf club. Then add your shoulder turn to the hand action of the waggle. The hand action of the golf swing is the hand action of the waggle. Consciously learn the hand action of the waggle then unconsciously use your hands within the structure of turning hips and shoulders when making your golf swing.

The Phenomenon That Is Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy wins again, and the media debate continues. Is he an Irish golfer or a British golfer?

Things To Consider When Buying Junior Golf Shoes

When buying junior golf shoes, you have to consider several important factors. Remember the shoes will only be good if they can help the user to play better. Indeed, the success of any golfer, whether an amateur or a professional depends largely on the attire used as well as the equipment…

Your Golf Swing: What Makes It Efficient?

Did you know that there is one simple secret that all long ball hitters have in common? The true measurement of a consistent golf swing is not found in your ability to mimic pro golfers. The answer is found in how efficient your golf swing is. In other words, if ugly golf swings still get the job done, what do you have to do to make your golf swing get the job done? Here are some things to consider.

Why It Is Difficult to Improve Your Golf Swing and What You Can Do About It?

The golf swing is comprised of “many moving parts.” In a perfect swing, all the moving parts are synchronized. And they must be repeatable for a golfer to be consistent, score well and win tournaments. Improving one’s golf swing is the result of changing the faulty moving part while not changing the other moving parts. It can be done and this article describes how.

Car Rental Companies You Can Hire for a Golf Tour in Florida

Golf is a widely recognized sport, and stunning vistas of golf courses are available in each known destination. If you are planning a golf tour in Florida yet wondering about which car rental service you can hire within the area to pick you up right on your entrance to the State, here are car rental companies in Florida, available in different hotels, airports and other pick up locations.

Sneaky Little Golf Tip: Always Be Yourself

This is not your traditional golf tip. There is no accompanying workout video and no physical requirement. But if you follow this tip and never lose sight of it or stray from it, you will have a great chance at the game of golf. This Golf tip is how that developing your game is not just about the swing, or fitness it is about the connection you attach to your personality and indeed soul.

Protecting Your Golf Clubs With Headcovers

If you ever thought about playing golf because you seem to have liked it when you played it the last time, then let me tell you that equipment is very important if you want to play at a higher level than most people. You will also find that golfing equipment can be quite expensive and that is why you most of the times hear and see golfers taking very good care of their equipment. If you are not yet a golfer, yet want to become one, then in the following paragraphs you will learn more about headcovers for golf.

How to Start Playing Golf: A Beginner’s Guide

Golf is gaining popularity in the past few years. This trend has some good reasons behind it and the main one of course is the game itself. It can be a pretty intense sport for those who have tried it out and it is also an excellent way of exercising.

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