U.S. Women’s Open, Memorial Tournament end with thrilling playoffs | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Golf Central recaps a crazy day in California and Ohio, as both the U.S. Women’s Open and the Memorial Tournament needed a playoff to decide a winner. #GolfChannel #GolfCentral
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U.S. Women’s Open, Memorial Tournament end with thrilling playoffs | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Finding Discount Putting Greens

For avid golfers, practicing putting is crucial to keep on top of their game. New comers to the sport learning the ropes also strive to improve swinging techniques. Discount putting greens offer the convenience and affordability for both pros and novices to sharpen skills in the comforts of their backyards.

The Bag for Golfers

Be more organized with your golf paraphernalia and get yourself the Golf Bag Organizer. It keeps your things safe and your caddy happy. Your caddy is with you not only to bring your stuffs from one whole to another but also to give you some sort of encouragement to improve your game.

Care and Maintenance for Golf Clubs

This article is for all golfers. Golfers can discover some basic care and maintenance tips from this article. These tips can help maintain the good condition of golf club sets. This will ensure that a golf player’s clubs will deliver the most reliable performance.

Golf Statues Make Great Gifts and Awards

For the most occasions statues that resemble a sport or an activity is usually given to the person who enjoy the same hobby. And if you know a person who loves golf and you are in a pinch of what to give them, you can be sure that golfing statues can be your best bet.

Callaway Golf Clubs – The World’s Best Golf Equipment

Right from the beginning, Callaway clubs were innovative. After Ely Callaway bought Hickory Sticks, he began implementing changes above and beyond the hickory-shafted, steel core club shafts. His success in the textile industry gave him the capital for research and development.

Ten Rules For Hitting More Greens

The shot into the green is your scoring shot. Hit the green and par is yours for the taking. While no one hits every green, these ten rules will help you hit more than you do now.

Proper Golf Grip

I wasn’t planning on writing about the grip this week but after seeing all the horrific grips at the West Michigan Golf Show this weekend, I decided to switch up the topic. Harry Vardon was turning over in his grave. Now don’t get me wrong. Grip is not an absolute. There are some tour players that make a lot of money holding the club like a shovel. But at least their hands are close enough to maintain connection. All right, all right. I’ll get off my soapbox and share some grip basics.

Fixing Your Golf Slice Turmoil

This article is for all types of golf players who are struggling to resolve the golf slice dilemma. They can discover few causes of golf slices and how to relieve them.

Golf Stance – Ben Hogan or Nick Price?

As you read this golf tip, please keep in mind that it may not apply to your unique needs. Always consult with your local PGA professional before attempting to apply any golf tip you have read from a newspaper, magazine, book, internet, your 20 handicap brother, your father-in-law, golf buddy, wife or girlfriend, etc. Should you use a wide stance like Hogan or a narrow stance like Price?

Golf Ball Position – Does It Really Matter?

Does golf ball position matter? Yes it does, but do you really care? Make things simple and improve your game.

Successful Tips to Hit a Golf Draw Shot

Know why many golfers like to play golf draw shot and how you can setup, execute this shot. Below we have mention successful tips to play golf draw shot on the golf course. Know this shot will help you to get more distance in the golf game.

The Importance of Headwear for Sun Protection While Playing Golf

One of the few dangers in a relaxing game of golf is the damage to your skin which can be cause by the sun. Proper head protection can be crucial to ensure you are kept well protected for the full 18 holes.

Lessons Of Golf – Three Things To Consider When Opting For An Online Golf Course

Learning golf online doesn’t even cost you fortunes and could be a practical way to take lessons as per your convenience. Certain things that you must know before enrolling with an online golf course are related in this article.

Women’s Wide Golf Shoes – Tips Before Buying Extra-Wide Golf Shoes Online

Women’s wide golf shoes are very hard to find and can sometimes be very expensive. But if you are a serious lady golfer with wider feet, you know that having the perfect wide footwear is almost as important as having the perfect set of golf clubs. The right golf apparel will make you feel comfortable and confident and will affect your performance on the golf course.

Improving Your Iron Play

We have all been told to hit down on the golf ball, but what does this mean? Simply put, it means making contact with the ball just prior to reaching the lowest point in your swing arc. The lowest portion in your swing arc occurs directly in the center of a shoulder width stance (assuming that you do not sway to either side during your swing).

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