Turk Pettit’s long, winding road to winning NCAA men’s title | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Golf Central has all the latest from the NCAA men’s championships, where Clemson senior Turk Pettit came out of nowhere to top Bo Jin and win the individual title — the first win of his college career. #GolfChannel #GolfCentral
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Turk Pettit’s long, winding road to winning NCAA men’s title | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Keeping Focus on Your Golf Game

During the course of a regular game of golf, there are so many things that will require you to concentrate and focus. In fact, you could probably get away with saying that you’ll need to focus on pretty much everything.

Golf Backswing – The Engine For Power And Distance

The backswing in golf depends on all prior set up steps to work as desired and directly influences all swing steps that come next. Truly the engine of the full swing.

Tried and True Practice Routine to Play Golf Game

Here we have mention tried and true golf practice routine to enhance your confidence on the practice range. You can apply these 9 practice routine in your daily practice.

Effective Practice Before A Round of Golf

There are two ways that we should practice our golf swing. One is when we practice prior to playing a round of Golf and the other is when we plan a thorough practice session on the driving range on those days we are not scheduled to play.This post will focus on an effective strategy for practicing before a round of golf.

Golf: Does Practice Make Perfect?

Golf is one of those games where frustration creeps in when your game doesn’t seem to be improving, despite how much you practice and you just cannot seem to get it right or play consistently. Skills are hard to master and the golf swing is no exception. Anyone can swing a golf club but to do it well is a different matter altogether.

The Game Called Golf

Golf is an extremely popular sport with millions of players and followers. There are thousands of commercial courses around the world and for almost every one of these courses, business seems to be booming. But what is the game all about really? Why is it that hitting a ball, then walking semi-long distances under a scorching hot sun just so you can hit it again so engaging to golf players?

Hawaii: Golf and More Year Round

Waialae Golf Course. The 18 holes at the Waialae Golf course (Country Club facility in Honolulu) has 7,125 yards of golf for a par of 72. They boast some unique features; the par three-13th is designed from one on the Biarritz course in France. The 8th hole is designed after the famous Redan hole on the North Berwick course in Scotland.

Fix A Golf Slice – Some Important Tips

Whether you are a beginner or a golf pro, there are times when you can’t avoid making mistakes, such as a golf slice. Don’t fret though as the following can help you fix the golf slices: 1. Dealing with the ball – Dealing with the ball means hitting it correctly in order to make it go where you aimed it.

Your Golf Pre-Swing Routine Includes Preparing Your Mind

You read everywhere about having a consistent pre-shot routine to go through before every shot. That’s good advice, and I hope you’re following it. Paying careful attention to your grip, stance, posture, alignment, ball position, and aim all go into preparing your body to hit the shot as well as you can. Do you prepare your mind, too? You should. It’s just as important.

Golf Course: Olivas Links, Ventura County

Golf is for the whole family, it’s a great way to spend some of your vacation time or just spend an afternoon enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. Golf courses provide a wonderful outdoor environment with lush green grasses and full trees, some offer great scenic views.

Putting Yips: Lose the Yip, Keep Your Grip

The putting yips are a dangerous situation on the golf course. Like the shanks or a simple unexplainable ability to hit the ball, the putting yips will have your scores and your handicap skyrocketing, and you may find yourself struggling, breathless, in an attempt to get your game back.

Discover The Best Golf Swing Trainer

Most golf training aids have limits to their purpose, however I have discovered that the dual hinge driver is one of the better ones out there that works well without creating funny compensations. Yes it is good! And even better, than a dual hinge driver is a weighted trainer club that is actually a real club.

Golf Yips: You Must Find The Source To Find The Fix

Four letters that no golfer wants to hear, whether professional, amateur or a high handicapped. If you are on the links, around the links or have a love for the game, the word “yips” can send shudders down your spine. The golf yips have terrorized golfers since the invention of the game, and they have plagued great professionals like Ben Hogan, Tom Watson and Bernhard Langer.

Correct Attire for Playing Golf

One of the main concerns when you set out to play a round of golf is choosing the right clothing which is both comfortable and functional. The last thing you want to do is wear clothing which restricts your movement. You also need to be aware of the golfing etiquette when it comes to what you should and shouldn’t wear onto the golf course. You certainly don’t wear beach gear to play golf, so check out the dress rules of the club beforehand.

Putting Yips: How Not to Fix Them

You might feel like you’ll never hit a good putt again in your life. You might reach a point where you are dreading hitting the course with your buddies or coworkers, and you might even swear off of the game completely. This has been the response for many, especially people around the world who have come down with a case of the putting yips. If you have the yips, you know the desperate feeling, and you know the toll this condition can have on your game. You might feel hopeless and helpless, and you will likely not be alone.

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