TOUR PRO (4 clubs) Vs RICK SHIELS (14 clubs)

Tee Off With Golf GPS

For a man, golf is believed to be the ultimate symbol of having arrived. Teeing off with friends or business acquaintances is one of the best ways to cement relationships. However, the game is still a competitive one and you will want to do your best in it.

Golfing Instinctively

The mysterious game of golf… Loved and despised by millions of adoring fans all around the world. First, let me get the disclaimer off the table by mentioning that this article is probably not going to tell you much that you did not already know instinctively in your “gut.” And this certainly isn’t any type of tutorial or guru golf guide.

A Perfect Golf Swing

A perfect golf swing can cut your golf handicap in half and add 50 yards or more to your drives. Mike Austin in 1974 at the US National Senior Open drove an amazing 515 yards and is still the longest recorded drive on any of the professional golf tours. At the time Mike Austin was age 64 when he achieved this amazing feat.

Golf Driver Swing: How to Stop Fat and Thin Hits

If your consistently hitting fat or thin shots, I don’t have to tell you that it can become quite frustrating. Here you will find some tips and techniques to improve you golf driver swing so you can stop hitting these dreadful golf shots.

Golf Champions Tour Wraps, Martin Kaymer Has Big Weekend

As calendars changed from October to November and the brilliant leaves of autumn fell to the ground, some of the world’s best golfers were still busy pursuing trophies and pay checks all over the globe. The most notable domestic tournament took place in cloudy and mild San Francisco, where the game’s best players over the age of 50 gathered for the conclusion of the Champions Tour 2011 season.

How to Have Good Golfing Form

First off, there is no one direct type of form. There is a guide line type of ideal form, but what may be right for you may not be right for someone else. Now, since that’s out of the way, here’s a “guideline” of the perfect golf swing form.

How To Putt in Golf

Learning how to putt in golf can shave strokes off your golf score. The short game can either make it or break it for you. Follow our tips and how-to’s to learn how to properly putt in golf.

Swing Plane in Golf

The swing plane in golf is an issue that many golfers are either not aware of, or need help adjusting. Follow our lessons and tips on correcting your swing plane to improve your shots and give you more consistent hits.

Getting It in Play

The best golfers at any level are the ones who give themselves opportunities. Drive it in the fairway, and you probably have a chance to hit the green. I call it ‘stress-free golf,’ because nothing’s more stressful than walking down the fairway not knowing if you have a shot.

Golf Angle

The golf angle of your spine, hips and knees plays a vital role in your set up for your golf swing. Learn these lessons and tips on how to properly set up your golf angles, and set up for a solid shot.

Golf Is Hard – Why the Game Is So Difficult and What You Can Do to Improve?

There’s no doubt that golf is one of the most difficult sports to play and get good at. Golf is hard and it’s because of this challenge that makes it so addictive to millions of players worldwide.

Top Places to Buy a Golf Umbrella

If you’re a golf fanatic, inclement weather isn’t going to stop you from hitting the course. However, you’re definitely going to need the right umbrella. That’s where I come in. I did some hefty research to find the best in golf gear.

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