Top U.S. junior Ganne thrilled to learn from Stanford’s stars | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Megha Ganne, the No. 1 junior girls golfer in the country, joins Golf Today to talk about her start to the Rolex Tournament of Champions, why she decided to commit to Stanford for her college career and what she learned from her experience at this year’s U.S. Women’s Open. #GolfChannel #GolfCentral #LPGA #MeghaGanne

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Top U.S. junior Ganne thrilled to learn from Stanford’s stars | Golf Central | Golf Channel

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When I was a little boy I was frightened of the dark. Many nights I’d hide under my blankets because the darkness would play tricks on my eyes. I’d imagine there was something or someone moving in my room, I’d imagine strange noises, and even though there was nothing there, I would start to panic all the same.

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Smart operators know that the winter months are an excellent time to build your database for spring. They also know that both internet use and direct mail response increases dramatically in the winter! Why? Because people have nothing better to do, most of the NFL games are over and TV is in re-run mode. Now is the time to strike with contests, free downloads, fantasy golf games, surveys, tips, in fact, anything you can do to continue a dialog with your customers and potential customers.

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