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4 Top Golf Destinations in Florida

There are plenty of top golf courses in Florida to visit, from Jacksonville to Orlando to Naples to Miami. In addition to the championship quality golf courses, these resorts also include a wide range of amenities to entertain the entire family.

The Golf Instruction Paradox: The Biggest Roadblock To Improvement

The majority of once-a-week golfers only seek professional instruction out of desperation. Only after they have exhausted every tip gleaned from YouTube, golf buddies and Golf Digest do they consider a formal lesson. This article proposes an alternative to the belief that professional golf instruction is only valid as a last resort.

The Power Of Muscle Memory: The Missing Ingredient

Are you familiar with the concept of muscle memory? It refers to the ability of a particular muscle group to repeat a specific action without conscious control. Superficially, it would appear that the quality of the action is directly related to the quality of repetition. How often have you hit shots like Fred Couples on the practice range and proceeded to play like Fred Flintstone? Conversely, is it possible to hit practice shots like a maniacal lumberjack and play a respectable round? How can you account for the discrepancy? This article discusses the missing ingredient which is crucial for developing effective muscle memory.

Superstition or Ritual: Can You See The Difference?

Elite athletes follow rituals to consistently create their ideal state of mind and body. These innocuous behaviour patterns are often dismissed as superstition. In reality, they are the keys to helping you re-create your best shots.

A Different Perspective on Golf Instruction: Knowing Versus Feeling

Traditional golf instruction is based on the premise that you must remember your swing flaws in order to avoid repeating them. This system sounds good in theory, but for the vast majority of once-a-week golfers, it leads to an endless cycle of trading one swing fault for another. Instead of trying to avoid the problem, why not confront it head on? Instead of trying not to slice (for example), learn how to hit a deliberate slice. When you can deliberately re-create the poor shot, then you can feel a solution. The majority of poor shots in golf are fear induced; the golfer understands the effect but not the cause. This article offers a theory whereby the student is asked to deliberately re-create a poor shot in order to master a solution.

Five Mistakes Golfers Should Avoid In Tournaments

To get desired results in golf tournaments, golfers need to play like a pro. Delivering the perfect swings can be a daunting task in a challenging golf course with 9 or 18-holes. Even professional players do not get their swings and putts right every time.

How Well Do You Golf?

Good athletes get all the attention. How about the rest of us who struggle to play a good game of golf?

The Neglected Fundamental: The Missing Element in Traditional Instruction

Every golfer knows the importance of the fundamentals; a solid grip, stance, weight shift, swing plane and follow-through are all elements of technical perfection. The vast majority of golfers know the difference between a “strong” and “weak” grip and the perils of a reverse weight shift. In spite of unlimited sources of on-line video instruction, the majority of golfers struggle to break ninety consistently. This article reveals a crucial element that is often neglected in traditional instruction; the ability to quickly overcome a poor shot. This skill far outweighs the degree of technical expertise in achieving constant improvement.

The Importance of Flexibility in Golf Especially for Aging Golfers With Stretching Exercises

Those who love golfing want to play the game as long and often as they can especially for senior golfers. With age often comes stiffness or soreness but this can be minimized while keeping a great game. Flexibility stretching exercises that specifically aid the golfers range of motion and strengthening your core supporting muscles keeping them limber are reviewed.

Three Golf Course Amenities For Women

Women looking forward for a great golf vacation, either to play or accompany their husbands or partners can opt for some of the best amenities in stay and play resorts to relax and unwind. Read this article to learn more.

Electric Golf Trolleys: Choosing One Who Fits Your Finances

Selecting the best golf trolley can be a significant challenge, given there is an array of electric golf trolleys with competitive prices out there. So, how do you select one that could be the correct investment for you personally? Here are several of your facts you might want to consider before settling with a certain type of electric golf cart.

Tips For Playing Golf With Kids

This article offers you a few tips on how to pique your kid’s interest in golf without forcing them to play. Do you take pride in your golfing proficiency? Then, teaching the nuances of the game to your little one will be the best way to pass on your passion and your expertise to posterity!

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