This Makes The Driver Swing So Much Easier | How To Hit Your Driver #30YARDSLONGER | ME AND MY GOLF

This Makes The Driver Swing So Much Easier | How To Hit Your Driver #30YARDSLONGER – This week Me and My Golf start a brand new series where we aim to have Andy hitting it 30 yards longer over a 6 week period! In this first episode, we will be improving his golf swing which is crucial to hitting his driver further and introducing Andy to a SuperSpeed training aid to improve his swing speed!

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5 Secrets To The Perfect Golf Swing Takeaway! Tips To Get Off To A Winning Start!

The correct golf swing takeaway is a 1 piece takeaway. Getting the takeaway right is a must if you want to make a great golf swing. There are just 5 things you need to do to perform this right.

Get Out Of The Rough With These Golf Swing Tips

Every golfer fears the rough. When hitting out of the rough, you must make some adjustments to your swing. Here are a few tips to help you hit out of the rough and save your golf game.

How to Achieve the Perfect Golf Stance

Having a great golf stance means that you’ll have a better chance of having a great golf swing. Stance and posture are extremely important when it comes to hitting shots accurately. If you don’t have a good golf stance then it’s going to make it more difficult to hit good solid shots even if your swing mechanics are perfect. So in this article I just want to give you a good, simple guide to a great golf stance, which will put you in a position for great, accurate, solid ball contact every time.

Inflexible Body Leads To Directionless Golf Shots Despite Good Stance And Technique

Do you find yourself in a great position to hit the ball over long distance or hit the ball with great precision over a small distance into the hole but still fail to do so? Chances are high that you are losing control when you are at the final stage of the shot. You may be swinging the golf club correctly but the swing towards the ball may be going out of control.

Tips To Putt Better – 3 Putting Tips (No Drills Involved)

Various putting drills are a really good way to groove in a consistent putting stroke and boost your confidence with the putter. However, you may find that they are not very useful during the game itself. These 3 Putting Tips are intuitive and easy to remember during your round of golf. Incorporate them into your putting practice and on the golf course to reduce your number of putts and minimize 3 putts.

Proper Balance Of Mental Focus And Physical Stamina That Is Golf

Golf is a very popular game because it is a combination of mental and physical efforts. You need at most concentration, skill and focus on technique to get your shots right at all times. On the other hand, you need physical strength to pull off the shots.

Want To Get Rid Of Flaws In Your Golf Technique And Stance? Remember Seeing Is Believing

It is amazing to find people having long theoretical discussions with their friends about their golf game when the truth is that both parties have absolutely no idea what is being described. The individual describing what went wrong in the golf shot will make use of all sorts of gestures, words and descriptions to get the thought across. Even then, there is no guarantee that the individual will get it absolutely right.

Know How To Anticipate And Tackle Wind When Hitting Your Golf Shots

If golf were a game that involved nothing more than hitting a small ball with a thin and long stick, then it would be a very boring game indeed. However, the truth is that golf is one of the most exciting games around. It may not be a very riveting game for those who watch it but it certainly is a test of mental and physical skills for the person playing the game.

Do The Small Things Right – Improve Your Posture To Get Power Into Your Golf Shots

Do you know that having a good posture will be very beneficial when you are playing golf? The benefits of having a good posture are numerous but very few persons bother to focus on their posture. This is because people think that it is a very significant thing.

Want To Reduce Risk Of Injuries When Playing Golf? Pay Special Attention To Your Posture

Why is posture so important when you are playing golf? If it was just a question of hitting one ball over a distance of a few hundred yards just once, then it does not matter how you are standing and how you are swinging the club. You can stand on one foot and try to hit the ball.

How To Get The Tee Off Golf Drive Perfect At All Times? Here Are Some Tips

Many persons often realize to their horror that golf can be a very embarrassing game only after they reach the golf course. They prepare for the first shot of the day-also known as the tee. The tee happens to be that spot which separates the men from the boys.

Do Not Embarrass Yourself On The Golf Course – Read Ahead For Some Simple Rules And Tips

How would you feel somebody swears loudly in front of your wife and kids? How would you feel if this were to happen in a golf course where you were trying to impress them with your game? Do you want your child to be exposed to so many abuses at such a tender age?

Balance And A Steady Head – Very Important When Striking The Golf Ball

Do you know that good ballet dancers will automatically make good golfers? Well, this may be an oversimplification but there is no doubt that a person who is good at ballet will never face the problem of balance when playing golf. Why is balance important?

Golf Chipping Tips To Drop Your Handicap

Work on improving your short game and watch your handicap tumble. If you can get your chipping right and get close to the pin you can eliminate those dreaded long putts and make putting so much easier.

Try To Become Fit Before You Start Playing Golf To Avoid Injuries

At first glance, golf may seem a lot less strenuous and physically tiring as compared to other sports. However, while you may not be required to run at top speed or use your arms and legs for lot of effort, do not make the mistake of thinking that golf is a game for those who are not physically fit. Physical fitness and strength is very important to excel in golf.

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