‘The putter beats the pulverizer’ as Cantlay defeats DeChambeau | Golf Central | Golf Channel

The Golf Central team reflect on the thrilling final round of the BMW Championship, where Patrick Cantlay defeats Bryson DeChambeau in a six-hole playoff to earn his third PGA Tour win of the season. #GolfCentral #GolfChannel #FedExCup #BMWChampionship
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‘The putter beats the pulverizer’ as Cantlay defeats DeChambeau | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Tiger Woods – Everything You Need to Know

Eldrick Tont ‘Tiger Wood’s’ is an American golfer. Currently the youngest American golfer to win the masters tournament of golf. The number one in the world of golf is the highest paid professional athlete having earned an estimated $90.5 million. He was born on 30 December 1975 in Cypress, California.

The Best Golf Training Aid

Golf training aids are one way to help a golf student achieve the appropriate positions in the golf swing. However, most are discarded after a brief period of use. The best training aid is one the golfer may likely already have at home, and that is a mirror.

Parts of a Good Golf Swing – Aiming Point

I have been making a series of articles that detail a good golf swing. This article touches on the aiming point and how it can effect your golf game. Once you read the article you will be able to understand what to aim for and how to try to control your ball. This article will help you bring those scores down.

Look and Feel the Part – The Importance of Good Golf Trousers

If you are looking for a pair of golf trousers, they need to be loose, comfortable and, of course, stylish. You spend hours on the golf course so you need to make sure that you feel great in them. If you feel the part and have room to move for your swing in your golf trousers, then you will play your best game.

Think You Can Draw

We golfers can’t really afford to give up too much distance to other golfers and expect to win the hole, but there is a way to remedy this situation by making some amendments to your ‘thinking’ before you tee off. What we’re after is another 15-20 odd yards so we can be in a position to make the second shot to the green that much easier to accomplish. Ok, I accept that hitting longer off the tee may not win the hole but it certainly doesn’t hurt especially if your tee shot ends up a respectable distance in…

Golf Trolleys – Making It Easier for You on the Golf Course!

Every golfer has so much to carry around the golf course and you need to be sure to get yourself a good golf trolley to make it easier for yourself. There are two types, the pull trolley and the electric golf trolley, both of which will be discussed in greater detail for you to make a great choice to aid your golf.

I Accept I Will Mess Up a Few Holes and Then Go Play With Clubs I Don’t Normally Use

Fred and Dave play on their own course so often that over the years they’ve simply become complacent in the way they approach their round of golf. It’s another day and Dave sleepwalks up to the tee on ‘Auto’ mode. His hand reaches quite unconsciously for the high velocity pump action thunderblaster.

Top Three Golf Chipping Tips

Being able to chip the ball effectively is an extremely important part of being a successful golfer. In this article, you’ll discover the top three tips for chipping the ball effectively.

General Rules for Putting

The United States Golf Association (USGA) has extremely strict rules for putting. If these rules are not followed, golfers are penalized and have strokes added to their scores. This article explains the various rules for putting set forth by the USGA.

Tips for Hitting the Golf Ball Further

Hitting the golf ball further is at the top of the every golfers’ wish-list. Being able to drive the ball further can be the difference between getting on the green in two strokes and getting on in three, which can have a major impact on your score. This article will give you a few tips that will have you hitting the golf ball further, and lowering your score.

Help Me Putt – Beginner Putting Tips (The 3 Must Know Basics About Putting Well)

Many good putters differ in their styles and techniques to get the ball into the hole. Through observation, I have discovered that they often show some similarities. It is always wise to learn from experts in the trade, so we should learn the skills of those who putt well. Here are the 3 basic things every putter must know. Aimless practice will not yield the desired results of becoming a better, more confident putter. Instead, spend time to achieve a consistent putting stroke, get good at distance control and read the break on greens.

Callaway Upro Golf Gps – 5 Definitive Features Of The Callaway Upro Go

The Callaway Upro Go is the ultimate golf gps. I want to outline to you some of the features of the Callaway Upro go such as distances to each hazard, bunker, and each hole.

Using Golf Nets Can Help Improve One’s Swing

Golf nets can help amateur golfers practice without being pressured by having other, better players around them. Continuous practice using a net can help to improve a player’s stance and swing.

Playing Golf in Upper Assam

Upper Assam is a romantic place.  I for one who has spent considerable time in this region, remember it as a place with some of the best Golf courses. I do recollect teeing off at the Upper Assam golf Club at Digboi, about 65 km from Dibrugarh.

Golf Grip Tips – There Are So Many Around – Ever Wondered Why? This Is Important

Golf grip tips are in abundance. Everywhere you look, in all forms of media – golf books & magazines, television golf shows, DVD’s & videos, let alone the internet – it seems the world and his wife wants to teach us the correct golf grip, why? Well it is not just information overload.

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