The Joburg Open will begin new DP World Tour on Thanksgiving Day | Golf Central | Golf Channel

The brand new DP World Tour will take the place of the European Tour and begin with the Joburg Open in Johannesburg, South Africa. #DPWorldTour #GolfCentral #GolfChannel #JoburgOpen
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The Joburg Open will begin new DP World Tour on Thanksgiving Day | Golf Central | Golf Channel

What Kind of Golf Training Swing Aids Are Available?

If you were a jogger or a swimmer, you would practice at least a few times a week, and maybe every day. Most people who call themselves golfers, however, rarely practice and may only play the sport a few times per year.

Golf Business – Entertain Or Die!

I was in the personal development business helping people “Maximize their potential physically and mentally.” That meant that our ads were different, our look and feel was different, and of course, our curriculum was difference.

Using a Swing Trainer to Improve Your Game

There is only one piece of practice equipment that I really do put any value into and that is my swing trainer. Compact and easy to use at home, here is why you need one!

Making Money in the Golf Industry

From a marketing perspective though, money plays a huge part in the success or failure of your business, specifically how much you charge for your lessons, memberships, rooms, green fees or homes. Few people spend enough time analyzing their pricing practices. Instead most use one of three very ineffective marketing concepts to hit upon the perfect combination.

How to Take Advantage of Demo Days at Your Local Driving Range Or Golf Club

Demo days at your local driving range are the best way to test drive the latest equipment. Discover the best way to prepare for this golfing session before you get there so you can be in the best position to find the perfect set of clubs for you. There are so tricks to be aware of so sit back and take some notes and more than likely end up with the perfect set of clubs for you.

How Can Golf Training Reviews Help You Love the Game?

Are you on of those people who think that golf is a game that is meant for rich snobby folks? Well, that is so not true. Do you know that golf training reviews can help you love the game of golf?

How Can I Choose the Right Golf Training Program?

Are you new to golf or are you trying to improve your game? Like any other type of sports, if you do not have the proper training or improve on the basic training you already have, you will become quite rusty and perform badly. Golf experts advise that you consider a good golf training program, where you can get the necessary golf instruction that will help you get better at a much faster rate, so that you will not spend time on the golf course frustrated.

Now a Fix For You Chipping Troubles in Your Golf Swing – Cock it and Lock It!

Let’s all take a moment and remember the last time you skulled a chip shot across the green at the speed of light. Then finding that you are down the hill on the short side of the green, facing the impossible shot with the potential of exactly the same thing happening again.

Can Golf Fitness Training Help Me?

Even professional golfers have an off season when they don’t go on tour and seemingly hide from the public. But when they are not out on tour, they aren’t lounging in their backyards.

Factors Deciding the Result of a Professional Golf Tournament

If a pro is average off the tee, average with the wedge, average on the green, but exceptional in their ability to execute their fairway iron shots then their chances of winning any pro golf tournament are greatly increased. The iron game is where most of the creative shots come from and the recovery shots are usually from the iron game as well. If you cannot figure out effective ways to navigate through the trees with your iron game then your chances of winning a pro golf tournament are pretty slim.

Choose Features That Makes a Golf Club Look Pro

A golf club is not built under the assumption that it will be used as a pro golf club and there is no one set group of clubs that can lay claim to being the pro golf club in the world. The idea of the professional golf tournament is very dynamic and some of the things that go into determining what makes a pro golf club can be very surprising.

Why is Golf Training Equipment Important?

Have you ever wondered why other people who just started playing golf not so long ago are getting much better at the game than you? You need to know for a fact that golf is not a sport that one can master overnight.

Are You Frustrated With Your Golf Swing?

Are you someone who hasn’t gotten a very good golf swing? Do people duck for cover every time you are ready to make a shot? Do your golf balls head for the opposite direction? Well, if this is the case, then you need to start working on your golf swing.

Steps to Recover From a Hook Or a Slice

The only way to absolutely recover from a hook or a slice while golfing is to not play golf. Of course, that’s not even an option so the question should become; How do we cope with ourselves after hitting one of these types of poor shots during a round of golf.

How to Get Your Golf Club Out of the Hole

Yet it’s a proven FACT, that the fastest way to increase income in any organization is to increase sales skills. Very often the exact opposite of what you or your competitors are currently doing is, in fact, the best strategy to shoot you out of the hole like a V-10 Rocket! Improve your golf clubs revenue with sales and marketing training.

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