The BIGGEST Golf Swing Mistake We See | #Breaking90 Ep 1 | ME AND MY GOLF

The BIGGEST Golf Swing Mistake We See | #Breaking90 Ep 1 – In this video we kick off our Brand New Series Breaking 90! Where over the next 4 weeks we take Josh on a journey to breaking 90! In this video we check out his golf swing and tweak a few things to put him in the best position possible to reach his goal.

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Titleist AP1 710 Irons Review

Titleist AP1 710 Irons are the new and improved version of the original and very poplar AP1 Irons. Using the latest ground-breaking design and technology, Titleist have produced the ultimate set of game improvement irons for the mid-high handicap golfer.

Golf Tips – When You Should Use a Golf GPS

It turns out that Global Positioning Systems (GPS’s) aren’t used just to locate people and vehicles. You can also use a Golf GPS to improve your navigation on the greens. Here are some of the main applications.

How To Choose High Tech Golf Equipment

If you are a professional golf player or you want to become one you have to buy yourself a high tech golf equipment. The basic in a high tech golf equipment is a set of golf clubs. It’s very important to choose the right type of golf club, this will help you to improve your swing and it will give you more flexibility.

The Fastest Way To Improve Your Golf Game

Conventional golf instruction and the golf industry in general have failed to help the average golfer improve over the last thirty years, and this has resulted in a lack of growth overall. Recent studies suggest that golfers can improve very quickly but learning how to keep better notes, records and statistics about their game.

Improve Your Game With These Golfing Tips For Beginners

If you have never played golf before and are considering taking up the sport, you will not only discover that the game is more fun than it looks but is also very addictive once you get started. Which brings us to getting started.

Hybrid Golf Irons Explained

If you are looking to improve your golf game you should look into the increased playability of hybrid irons. Hybrids combine the playability of an iron and the distance of a fairway wood.

An Overview of Golf and Tennis in Ireland

Both golf and tennis have long been a part of Ireland’s sporting history. Likewise, through the years Ireland has become a part of the history of these two great sports.

Golf And Its Fundamentals

Playing golf is applicable to all ages especially to teens and adults. To learn more about the game, it is best to enroll in a training program with skilled and talented trainers. It is very important to know the basic before doing anything else especially the swing which is the main element of the game. It is easy to see some golf experts hitting the ball successfully but actually there are principles and rules behind in order to make a successful swing towards the goal.

Improve Your Score With These Golf Tips For Driving

The makers of golf equipment put purchase of a good driver at the top of any list that is about golf tips for driving. A golfer’s mother may remind him or her that “practice makes perfect.”

5 Exercises That Will Build Gladiator-Like Strength For Golf

Now we all know that power is of vital importance for not only hitting the ball a long way, but also for injury prevention and consistency of swinging, but some people still just don’t get how important building strength is to developing power. Strength is to power what the rendering is for a house. Without it, you can never build the house to its full potential, and even if you tried, you would fail.

Golf Swing Tips For Any Level Of Play

The way in which you swing your golf club is the most rudimentary of golf skills, yet it can for some people be the most elusive. Regardless of whether you are an amateur golfer or a veteran trying to improve your game, there are a number of tips and methods you can implement to either help you learn the game or achieve lower scores.

The 6 Must Do Stretches For The Golfing Athlete!

Stretching is an important part of any athlete’s routine. Amateur golfers, however, are notoriously tight and prone to injury. The problem is that tight golfers swing poorly. They move through all of the wrong places (i.e. their lower backs, not hips) which not only creates poor shots and inconsistency, but also drastically increases the likelihood of injury.

Titleist 910 D3 Driver Review

As well as providing more distance, accuracy and control the Titleist 910 D3 Driver offers you the opportunity to tailor the Driver’s performance to match you swing style. Find out more by reading my Titleist 910 D3 Driver review.

Titleist 910 D2 Driver Review

Are you looking for more distance, accuracy and control off of the Tee? Then I would recommend taking a moment to learn all about the latest Titleist Driver Technologies with my Titleist 910 D2 Driver Review.

What You Should Know About the Golf Trainig Aids

The best golf training aids are those that help you promote better accuracy of the ball stroke and do not embed poor golf swing habits. The simpler and easy to use the training aid the better.

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