Talor Gooch to keep it rolling Hewlett Packard Enterprise Houston Open | Golf Today | Golf Channel

POINTSBET senior editor Teddy Greenstein joins Golf Today to handicap a wide-open field at the 2021 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Houston Open and break down why he thinks Talor Gooch is a lock to make the cut. #GolfToday #GolfChannel #HewlettPackardEnterpriseHoustonOpen
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Talor Gooch to keep it rolling Hewlett Packard Enterprise Houston Open | Golf Today | Golf Channel

Equality For Women in Golf

Women playing golf has become extremely popular over the last few years. A sport which has mainly been dominated by men is now being dominated by women. Golf is one of the few sports that show real potential for women and men to compete on the same level.

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Golf is one of the most popular games these days. Not only the rich but also the middle class and lower middle class people play it or watch it.

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If you are a golf enthusiast and would like the opportunity to play more courses, joining a golf society is the ideal solution. A golf society is a group of people that share an interest in golf and travel to other golf courses to play in new locations.

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Do you constantly play a round of slice golf? Do you wish to cure that golf slice once and for all? If you feel frustrated with your golf scores in spite of all the effort you put in, there is help at hand. Here I share 3 tips which should really help you get the most from your game.

Great California Public Golf Courses – Golfer Favorites

Here you and your entire family can take lessons and learn how to play golf, or for the more advanced player, brush up on skills to improve your game. New golfers will benefit from lessons that feature play during off-peak times, playing and practicing with professional golf instructors, as well as instructional videos and range discounts.

Golf Rules For Beginners

The rules of golf are complex. The rule book is 155 pages long, and there is a book of decisions on finer points that is almost 500 pages long. You only have to understand a few of the basic rules to be off to a good start.

Golf Memorabilia – What You Need to Know About Collecting

Golf memorabilia is for everyone who appreciates the game: the serious player who joins tournaments, the passionate weekend hack, and those who are at the sidelines as average fans. This game shows a lot of promise because it now considered as the largest spectator sport in the U.S.

Fitting Golf Clubs to Your Size

It is time to buy some new golf clubs. You are keen on golf and passed the beginner phase. Returning your borrowed clubs to the owner for a new, upgraded set seems like a great option. So it is time to go for a fitting to get the best suited clubs for you.

Golf Consistency – Do You Have Great Front 9’s and Blow Your Back 9? Or the Other Way Around?

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To Start With a Game of Golf – Tips!

Golf sport is a stroke play and a player scores well when he plays the game with fewer number of strokes. The lesser number of strokes you use, higher is your score.

Brand Name Golf Clubs – What is Best For the Beginner?

Choosing brand name golf clubs can be a mine field at the best of times let alone if you are a beginner to the game. The number of companies manufacturing golf clubs, and claiming that theirs is the best, today is mind boggling and they are all wanting to get their hands on the beginner’s hard earned cash and, as a newcomer to the world of golf you will want to try out many clubs to ascertain your level of play.

Sports Specific Training For Golf

Golf is a sport that requires power, flexibility and core strength. Research shows that this can be developed through sports specific training.

Preparing Your Mind to Play a Golf Shot

When playing any golf shot it is important to understand two different frames of mind. Prior to taking a golf swing there is a certain amount of thinking we must do. All of our analytical thinking must be done before we step over our ball to hit our shot.

How to Shave a Few Strokes Off Your Golf Game

This article covers a few tricks you can try, to shave a few strokes off your game. It goes over a couple ways to change the loft at which you hit each club and shot management, or where you want to hit each shot before you tee off.

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