Steve Stricker explains why he left Patrick Reed off Ryder Cup roster | Golf Central | Golf Channel

The Golf Central team brings you the latest from the 2021 Ryder Cup, where U.S. captain Steve Stricker unveiled his six captain’s picks — and explained his decision to include Scottie Scheffler over other contenders like Patrick Reed and Kevin Na. #GolfCentral #GolfChannel #RyderCup
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Steve Stricker explains why he left Patrick Reed off Ryder Cup roster | Golf Central | Golf Channel

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What steps should you take to improve your fitness and stamina so that you can play better golf? You should participate in some form of physical exercise. It does not matter whether you opt for kickboxing or plain jogging in the open.

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Golf is indeed a relaxing sport, but of course, it can also be exciting and a great way to unwind on a weekend. In fact, it can also improve your ability to concentrate and focus. If you are interested to play this game, there are beginner golf lessons that will help guide you which ones are to learn first.

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