Steve Flesch leads Dominion Charity Classic | Golf Central | Golf Channel

The Golf Central team provides the latest updates following the second round of the Dominion Charity Classic, where Steve Flesch sits atop the leaderboard at 13 under. #GolfCentral #GolfChannel #PGATourChampions
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Steve Flesch leads Dominion Charity Classic | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Four Keys to Consistently Making Great Shots Every Time

Every golfer has the goal or dream of playing every shot like a pro, and sometimes this seems like the impossible dream. But it doesn’t have to be an impossible dream and by following the principle of mastering the basics first, the rest of us can achieve a consistently good game of golf, every time we play. Even the pros have to pay attention to all the basic elements of the game or risk under-achieving by allowing their game to become inconsistent and inaccurate.

Starting Point

Starting at the beginning is usually the best way forward, but in my golfing experience to date, I seem to have started from the beginning a few times….fingers crossed this is my last time. So what’s my Journey all about?

Golf Driver Clubs – Tips For Selecting the Correct Club

Most amateur golfers understand the importance of selecting genuine golf driver clubs. This is also important equipment as it’s main purpose is for driving the golf ball a much greater distance.

Advantages of a Cooler For Your Golf Bag

It would be a very smart idea to buy an insulated golf bag cooler that is portable for your drink of choice. These great coolers are insulated to keep drinks cool, waterproof to keep rain out, and they have soft sides so they can be shoved into a compartment of the golf bag before you hit the course. If you run out of fluids, you can always fold the bag up or use it as an extra storage bag for the golf equipment.

Current Standard

Before I set myself some targets it’s useful to know where my game is currently at. It may also give some insight into my thought processes.

Change Your Putting Philosophy So You Can Stay in the Present, the Zone, and Hole More Putts

If you have read more than one article on playing your best then you will have heard time and time again about forgetting about results and staying in the present. Doing it in real play, especially when you are emotionally tied in with the result is not all that easy to do.

Golf Mental Focus – A Key Skill For Entering the Zone and Golfing Success

If you imagine a marksman shooting at a target do you think that they are very intensely focussed on hitting the bulls eye or do you think they probably just aim in the general direction of the target? Is an archer just trying to send his arrows down range in the general direction of the straw bale target or are they intently focussed on the very dead centre?

How to Break 90 For the Weekend Golfer With 4 Clubs

Are you a weekend duffer? Does your game fluctuates from the low 100’s to the high 90’s? Do you play golf occasionally but can’t seem to break the 90’s. If so, then you are a duffer. These tips are for the duffer, to pull them out of the 90s and to break into the 80s. They probably won’t put you into the professional range, but they will definitely help your weekend game.

Golf Instruction – The Perfect Gift

Do you have an avid golfer in your family and you want to buy a gift in time for Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas? Golf instruction to help improve their game could be the perfect gift.

Learning the Game With Used Golf Equipment

If you’re new to the world of golf and are looking for your own set, you might want to start with used golf equipment. What would matter is developing you swinging skills anyway. Once you develop your swings, you can move on to brand new equipment. This article will discuss how to choose used golf equipment, golf apparel, and golf balls. After this article, you should be able to tell what kind of golf equipment you need and how to tell a good one from a bad one.

The Best Hybrid Golf Clubs

In this review, there were many hybrids to choose from, each claiming to be the best. There are only so many physical aspects that a designer can manipulate – so they all focus on principles like moment of inertia (MOI), center of gravity (COG), and coefficient of restitution (COR) using computers to test their design.

Laser Rangefinders For Golfers

Laser rangefinders are becoming more and more popular. A laser rangefinder is a device that uses a laser pulse to determine the distance to an object. They usually work by measuring the time that it takes for the laser to bounce off the object that you are measuring.

Three Most Common Golf Injuries

Golf swings require muscle movements on the shoulders, and a range of motions using the arms and the upper body. It is easy for golfers to get injured if they had not done any conditioning exercises prior to the game. Here are some measures one can take in order to prevent three of the most common golf injuries.

Golf – How to Profit From a Post-Round Review

After a round of golf, what do you think back on? Do you talk about the score you could have had if only you had done this or that? Most people do. How about the good shots? Do you spend much time on them? I think we tend to take our best shots for granted, even the 45-foot putt that we had no business making, but in remembering the good shots lies the key to better golf.

Parque Da Floresta Golf Course Review – Algarve Golf Courses!

Parque da Floresta golf course is the most western of the Algarve golf courses and located in amongst the wild and wonderful rolling hills of the western Algarve, and boasts stunning panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, and unspoiled surrounding countryside and Mountains. Parque da Floresta opened in 1987 and is an 18 hole, par 71 golf course that measures 5,587 meters from the white tees. It was built by one of Spain’s most famous architects, Pepe Gancedo, the former 6 times Spanish Amateur Champion.

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