Simple Tips To HIT MORE GREENS With Your Irons🏌🏻‍♂️⛳️ | ME AND MY GOLF

Simple Tips To HIT MORE GREENS With Your Irons🏌🏻‍♂️⛳️ – In this weeks Me and My Golf video, Robyn wanted to hit more greens with his long irons and we were able to give him 2 simple tips that massively transformed his ball striking.

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Can Changing Golf Swing Mechanics Help?

I followed the pro tour the past couple months pretty regularly, especially the different golf swing mechanics. The pros all did things slightly different, so it took some time to see which style would help me.

How Will Golf Swing Training Aids Better Your Golf Game?

We’ve been golfing for years, and Chris and I especially enjoy a local pro course that has the perfect amount of challenges. Most days we can get around pretty good. Although several months ago, my swing started acting up. Suddenly, I was struggling with controlling where the ball landed.

Should You Save by Getting Cheap Golf Shoes?

Golfers spend money. There is no doubt about that. They spend a lot of money. When you add up the price of the clubs, clothes and cost of getting on the course, you have a whole bunch of money being spent. Every once in a while a golfer will see how much they are actually spending and try to save a few dollars.

How to Stop a Slice – With Chicken Wings

Discover a great tip here to stop a slice – if you suffer with chicken wings. This is one of a series of articles I have dedicated to fixing the slice. The slice destroys all confidence in your golf swing.

Golf, the Secret Way to Youth

The fact is we are all aging. As we get older our bodies slow down. The results are usually stiff, sore muscles and any number of joint problems. There is a solution, golf. There are so many professional senior golfers that they have their own PGA. This is not a coincidence.

Top 3 Secrets to Become a Better Golfer For Beginners Or Seasoned Players

If you wish to become a better golfer and improve your golf game then you are going to need a solid foundation for your golf swing and in particular your short game. Discover the top 3 secrets to improving your golf game and watch how quickly your golf game gets on track to lower scores.

Best Drivers

If you currently own a driver that doesn’t excite you, get rid of it right now because somewhere out there is a driver you can love – one that will maximize your distance and keep your golf ball in play. Please remember: cultivate your wedge, treasure you putter, but fall in love with your driver.

Unique Events of the 2010 Masters Golf Tournament

The Masters Golf tournament sees interesting happenings every year. To be a part of it, get the 2011 tickets booked right now.

How to Stop a Slice – 5 Simple Steps

Do you suffer with a slice? Discover that fix and forget solution here! How to stop a slice using 5 simple steps is one in a series of articles dedicated to improve your game. Check out this and others that I have written to help improve your swing.

How Can You Find a Golf Training Program to Help Golfers Over 40 Improve Their Swing?

As we age we become less flexible, no matter how physically active we are. We start to lose muscle tone and strength. It doesn’t mean you have to put away the clubs for good by any means, but sometimes aging means that you have to make some adjustments to your game to allow for stiff muscles and achy joint, that’s all.

Can You Learn How to Build a Golf Net?

Many golfers do not have the time or money to practice their golf game on a daily basis. As a result of this we may often blame our bad golf games on a lack of skill due to a lack of time. There is, however, a short project that you can do that can ensure that you never have to miss a day of club swinging again. The answer is as simple as a golf net.

What Exactly Does PGA Golf Stand For?

We all have heard the name PGA Golf, usually as we watch our favorite golf tournament on television. We may even have a vague idea as to what they are all about, but for most of us we hear the name and think golf without really knowing what it means. This seemed to be the case when I queried some of my friends and actually when I thought about it I couldn’t substantially explain the whole thing myself.

Want Some Secret Tips on How to Swing a Golf Club?

The first time you pick up a golf club you may be under the impression that learning how to swing a golf club must be the simplest part of playing golf. What you may not know, however, is that mastering the perfect swing is the hardest part of golf for many golfers. Just ask my dad.

What Can Golf Courses Offer Me?

For many players, either new to golf or who are thinking taking up the sport, the idea of a golf course may seem somewhat foreign. That is not to say they do not realize that golf courses are for playing golf, but they may not know about the other perks that this type of place can offer to old and new golfers alike.

Where Do You Look to Find a Golf Training Course to Teach You Exactly What You Need to Know?

My friend Jimmy has been golfing for 4 or 5 years now and he’s actually pretty good. He needs a little work on his putting but I think he’s coming along fine. Jimmy, on the other hand, seems to think he needs a little work on his mental game. And after yesterday’s performance I think I agree.

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