What Are the Proper Tees Golfers Should Play From?

It seems curious how golfers decide which tee box to hit from. There really is no standard other than go to the tee box you feel like playing from, and surprisingly most high handicappers march right a tee box where they don’t really belong. It could be argued that it is nobody else’s business where a golfer decides to play from, and it is true that if any golfer wishes to play a course that they can’t compete on, that is certainly their prerogative.

Get Serious About Your Golf Practice And Become A Winner

How many times have you walked off the eighteenth green and were disappointed with the high score you made during the game, despite having been to the golf practice range a day or two before you were scheduled to play. After all the practice balls you hit, you achieved very little improvement in your driving and putting. What is the problem, what causes this happen?

Get Serious On The Golf Range

Stop fooling around with your golf practice and start to learn something that will help you win your rounds of golf. Sometimes when at the practice range golfers become complacent about why they are there. It becomes more of a leisure time than what the real purpose for being there should be which is, which of course is to learn and improve their game of golf.

Golfers, Create a Birdie-Minded Focus Through Reverse Visualization

Every golfer can benefit from incorporating visualization into their golf game, and it is so much more than just visualizing a shot in your your pre-shot routine. This article will teach you a unique way of using visualization to make more birdies and improve your golf game. This mental golf tip is one that everyone can immediately use. Read on to find out more.

Golf Rules For Accidentally Moved Ball

Golf rules for a moved ball. This situation concerning a ball played by a golfer lands and has stopped, then moves either by an “outside agency” or other causes can be contentious to say the very least, particularly if the move is advantageous to the player.

Up Your Golf Game Level

These pieces of advice may be easy to say and difficult to do. Yet, you’ll be surprised to notice a difference in your game if you follow them.

Safety Seat Belts For Golf Carts Are The First Step In Golf Cart Safety.

To seat belt or not to seat belt? Now that’s an idea! Seat belts for my golf cart? Really? Most people do not realize that there are several different options for safety seat belts available relatively inexpensive for their golf carts. Seat belts are the first thing for being safe on a golf cart.

How To Play Side Hill Lies

The side hill lie can be deceiving at times and must be examined quite closely as to how the ball is actually lying. Is it tucked deep into a sod of grass, or is it just sitting up nicely giving you a very good angle for the club head to hit under the ball thereby making it easier for you to hit a nice lofty shot down the fairway or onto the green.

Golf Hypnosis Tip: The Right Mental Attitude for a Successful Hypnosis Session

In order for golf hypnosis to be successful you must maintain the right mental attitude throughout your hypnosis session. This article reveals the 4 mental attitudes a golfer can have and the only one that will create success in your hypnosis session for golf improvement.

Golfers Lose Your Aggression and Harness The Power For Your Long Iron Game

Golfers lose your aggression and harness the power for your long iron game. Most amateur golfers think the way to gain power in their swing is to approach the ball with aggression. They think that unless they nearly explode the ball when impact is made by the club then they will not get the distance they want from their drive, this is nonsense. Read on and find out why.

Visit Jamaica: Where Are the Best Golf Courses in Jamaica?

If you’re going to fly to Jamaica, you will want to see more than just the lavish beaches. You may want to get your golf clubs ready and see the amazing golf courses in Jamaica.

Golf for You – Fundamentals of the Golf Swing

Golf can be a very rewarding yet also very challenging game. Whether it’s Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods hitting a sweet shot to win a major championship or a weekend hacker hitting their one good shot of the day, there’s nothing more thrilling than hitting a golf shot just the way you visualized it in your mind. However, to hit those great shots it all starts with knowing the basics of the golf swing.

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