Sergio Garcia never expected to be Ryder Cup points leader | Live from the Ryder Cup | Golf Channel

All-time Ryder Cup points leader Sergio Garcia meets with the media ahead of the 43rd Ryder Cup from Whistling Straits. #GolfChannel #RyderCup #SergioGarcia
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Sergio Garcia never expected to be Ryder Cup points leader | Live from the Ryder Cup | Golf Channel

Golf Swing Is the Key to Success in Golf

To achieve success in golf career, it is important to learn and master the golf swing. Every player wishes to hit the ball out of the park, but there are many factors that are involved in hitting a golf ball. It is not just power; neither is it timing alone.

Golf Swing Is Not Just Raw Power

Golf swing is not just raw power, and it has been proved again and again in game play. It is seen that some players over rely on their body strength and pay scant attention to other aspects such as release of the arm and timing, which are crucial to hit the ball to intended distance.

Simple Golf Swing Fixes to Eliminate Your Hook

Many golfers deal with and are constantly trying to correct a slice. But for other golfers, the dreaded hook is the problem. Let’s cover some simple golf swing fixes to eliminate your hook. Fortunately in golf, the golf swing does not have to be perfect, just consistent. You could have perfect fundamentals and still have things happen to cause errant shots.

Golf Accessories – Tour Edge Golf

Golf will be a pale sport without the accessories. Golfing accessories make the sport the phenomenon it usually is and ensures that the golfers playing on tour are able to derive maximum fun playing it on turf. It is these accessories that make the sport the spectacle it usually is and ensure that players are always busy having fun whilst on ground and in action.

Golf Gift Certificate – 3 Reasons To Give The Gift Of Golf

Golf is a very fast-growing and increasingly popular global sport, especially in advanced English-speaking countries, Europe and Asia. If you have a golf lover in your life who has an occasion coming up that is appropriate for gift-giving, consider getting them a golf gift certificate. Here are 3 reasons to do so.

Develop Powerful Swing With Golf Fitness

How to improve your swing and clubhead speed with golf fitness training. Be a better golfer today.

How to Hit With Your Driver

If you want to have a solid game, it all starts with hitting off the tee. Hitting the ball farther off the tee is the goal of most golfers. Following are tips and techniques that will aid you in hitting the ball farther and more accurately.

Golf Downswing – Moving From the Top of the Backswing to the Downswing!

When it comes to golf you need to know all the different little transition points and the check points that you can use to make your swing very good and consistent. There is already an article that has been written by me talking about the golf backswing and now we need to transition from the backswing to the golf downswing. This is a very important transition and here is what you need to know.

Golf Shank – Why It Is a Bad Word and How to Fix Your Problem!

If you are a golfer, then you have heard of a golf shank and you may have even suffered from a case of these terrible shots that are also known as hosel rockets. This is not a fun thing to go through and most golfers cannot play a good round when they have a case of the shanks. It is like a sickness and when you get them it can be very hard to get rid of. Here are some things you should know.

Custom Golf Belt Buckles

Golf is one of the world’s most enthusiastic games of all times, a game that does not completely depend on what you play and how you play it. It’s all about a quality game played with style. There is a great psychological influence of equipments and dressing when you are playing a premium game like golf.

Golf – A Networking Event

Since time playing golf has always been a social event, you can take the day off from work and kick back and relax. No matter what skill level you are, or who you play it is still a fun time. Golf is about bonding with fellow friends or family and about starting relationships.

Tips on How to Develop a Proper Golf Swing Technique

Developing the proper golf swing technique is crucial for any golfer, no matter what level of golf you currently play at. A good golf swing technique will only help to improve your overall game play level. All men are very competitive, and that is very true when it comes to the game of golf. Learning how to improve your golf swing technique is going to certainly give you that competitive edge.

What Is the Major Secret in the Use of My Hands to Dramatically Improve My Golf Swing?

I spent some time recently speaking to a top golf club pro. He said so many people forget how important your hands are in the game of golf. They are and extension of your body and determine to a large amount what happens to your overall golf game. So we really need to manage what they do every second of the game and how they control your swing.

Golf Tips for Beginners – Top SECRET Training Course

These golf tips for beginners will aid you in learning how to play the game of golf correctly. It is well worth it to mention that you must take the time and learn the basics of the game first. Then with experience, your skills will develop.

Golf Backswing Coil Mistakes – How to Make a Correct Turn in Your Backswing

One of the most important aspects of the golf swing is the backswing, because a correct backswing will make it much easier to hit longer, straighter golf shots. In this article I will discuss some backswing coil mistakes, and show how any golfer can improve their backswing drastically with a few simple tips.

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