Sergio Garcia looking to move forward at Sanderson Farms Championship | Golf Central | Golf Channel

The Golf Central team look ahead to the Sanderson Farms Championship, where Sergio Garcia seeks to shake off Team Europe’s Ryder Cup loss and Zach Johnson recaps his Ryder Cup experience #GolfCentral #GolfChannel #FortinetChampionship
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Sergio Garcia looking to move forward at Sanderson Farms Championship | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Increase Golf Skills With a Simple Routine

Golfing is exercise. Like all athletes, golfers need to do the right things before, during and after their golf game to avoid injury and maximize results. Unfortunately most golfers don’t realize this. To be a great golfer you need to have a pre and post game plan to keep limber and maximize results.

Golf Ball Positioning 101

One of the most important aspects of golf for any new golfer is ball position. Using the same golf ball set up for every golf club isn’t going to get results on the golf course. The position of your golf ball can change loft, spin, distance, and flight path. The question is, how do you make ball position work for you?

The Ideal Golf Swing Aids

When you are interested in golf, then you must surely already realize the importance of golf swing aids; these aids can not only enable you to to obtain a superior shot, for instance, but they can actually assist you to to strengthen your golf game overall. There are lots of unique golf swing aids which have been available, and so it’s essentially up to you to make a decision which ones you think you want or need to use.

Practice Golf in the Winter to Stay Sharp

When winter arrives, many golfers think they must put away the clubs for the year. That is not the truth anymore as you can still do many things to help keep you sharp when the winter months arrive.

Mini Golf, Large Crowds

Weekends are always great to look forward to, but sometimes they just get boring. I mean, everyone works hard all through the five days of the week, and sometimes we even have to bring work home, and weekends are supposed to be filled with fun and relaxation. However, most of the time we just end up sitting on the couch and watching TV.

Core Training For Golf – Seven Exercises For Golf Swing Improvement

The power in your golf swing comes from your core. Thus, you should include core training in any exercise regimen that you undertake for improving your golf swing.

Where to Buy Golf Cart Parts

Part of finding what we need, is knowing where to look. That’s true regardless of whether you’re shopping for a golf cart or custom golf cart parts.

Golf Tips – At What Point is it Wise to Get a Golf Caddy?

Having your own golf caddy may seem extravagant if you are only an amateur player but this is not always the case and there may be a good reason for getting your own. Having to carry around your clubs is no players preferred option but is something everyone has to do at some point. A golfer needs to focus and concentrate but not having the burden of their golf bag will not always do the job.

Golf Etiquette – What You Need to Know While Playing

When playing golf, there are some rules of etiquette. Find out what these are so you can get along better with other players and stay more safe.

How to Hit Further Drives Immediately – 3 Simple Tips For 10 Extra Yards Off the Tee Your Next Round

Want to learn how to hit further drives immediately? You can gain 10 yards off the tee in time for your next round by just following this 3 simple tips…

How to Hit a Golf Shot With Backspin – 3 Simple Tips to Hit Shots With Bite

Sick of watching your approach shots land on the green and roll all the way over? Want to hit some shots that will stop, or maybe even backspin when they land?

The Importance of the Short Game

So often you hear touring professionals say that your score is made from 100 yards in, so that’s where you (the amateurs they’re taking to) should spend most of your time practicing. They’re right, to a certain extent.

Reasons to Hit the Driving Range

New to golfing, or did you recently purchase new equipment? If either of these apply to you then it’s time to hit the driving range and get comfortable with golf, or with your new clubs. If you neglect the driving range not only are you likely to lose your match but you may have some extremely embarrassing shots.

Golf Practice Regimen

The skill of playing golf can only improve with every practice. The golf practice plan not only improves stamina but also the style while playing the game.

How to Be More Comfortable While Golfing

It’s important to be comfortable while you are playing golf. Find out some very practical tips for staying more comfortable while playing.

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