Scandinavians lead AIG Women’s Open, The Northern Trust course records | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Cara Banks, Brandel Chamblee and Paige Mackenzie react to the rain-marred AIG Women’s Open third round and a record-breaking score at The Northern Trust. #GolfCentral #GolfChannel #AIGWomensOpen #FedExCup #TheNorthernTrust
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Scandinavians lead AIG Women’s Open, The Northern Trust course records | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Golf Hybrids and Irons

Since the advent of hybrid cubs, golfers now have 3 separate areas of club design: fairway woods, hybrid clubs and long irons; all have ‘crossover’ implications that can make it confusing to decide what clubs the golfer should carry to cover those distances between the 2nd longest hitting wood and the longest iron. The questions is: High loft fairway woods or hybrid clubs? The answer depends on the following:

Common Golf Mistakes in the Golf Course

If you want to become consistent golf player, you must aware about the common golf mistakes that normally players doing. Here we are going to list you common golf mistakes and how you can find the solution for these mistakes.

The United States Team Falls Short in Ryder Cup in Wales – October 2010

The United States Team may have come up short by a half point in this years Ryder Cup but in my opinion they were the better team and easily could have and should have won. Considering our players were on foreign soil and Celtic manor was under the weather and water most of the weekend, the US team played admirably under the circumstances. Anyone who followed the Ryder Cup, felt and heard the cheers of the crowd as the European team played tough in each of the matches against the American golfers.

I Could Play Golf Like Tiger Woods I Just Don’t Want To

There have been many talented and disciplined people over the years that climbed to fame by performing consistently at the top levels of professional sports but Tiger Woods has succeeded in dominating his sport totally, joining the ranks of legends like Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretsky. This article attempts to study the motivations of the superstar as he chose golf as a profession and went on to rack up astronomical statistics.

How To Master Your Golf Swing Tempo: Short Game Versus Long Game

Learning how to balance your short game and long game are essential to help you master your golf swing tempo. Simply follow the advice below and you will start understanding the difference between long game vs. short game.

A Beginner’s Guide To Different Types Of Golf Equipment

Equipment, while it helps, can’t really change your game. It’s about more than whether or not you have titanium clubs when it comes down to golf. Maybe brand-name clubs will make you feel more confident, more invested and thus a better golfer.

What Are the Best Brand of Golf Balls?

There are many brands of golf balls and finding the right one for you is hard to do. That is why I have three companies that I use and have different reasons of why I use each. Here’s a hint, two of them are name brands and the other is a cheap brand.

Golf Swing Tips And Techniques

Learning the correct swing techniques in golf is very important to playing a great game. You will find that the following swing techniques will greatly help you in lowering your golf score.

Golf Putting Tips – 3 Benefits Of Buying An Indoor Putting Mat

If you want to practice putting but find it a hassle to head down to a practice green, you might want to consider investing in an indoor putting mat. Good putting mats use high quality synthetic turf that last for a few years and are easy to maintain. They also come with holes to putt into, just like on the green. Here are 3 benefits of getting a golf putting mat.

Cure a Slice – A Dreaded Banana Ball

In order to cure the slice of the ball, the alignment among your shoulder and feet is very necessary thus keep them both straight and aligned. Your head and shoulders should not bend too much. The left foot must be lined up under the left shoulder thus avoiding both the closed and the open shoulder at the impact.

Golf: How to Practice With Your Putter

There’s no arguing that while you might never acquire a professional golf swing, there’s no reason you can’t learn to putt at the highest level. To do that, though, you have to practice. Here’s what to practice to get you started down that road.

Golf Club Specifications

The USGA allows you to carry 14 different clubs in your bag. A standard set of golf cubs consists of 3 woods (the #1 driver, #3 wood and #5 wood) and 8 irons (#3 – #9 and PW) and a putter = 12 clubs.

How to Setup For Great Golf Scores

There are five parts to a good swing for scoring better. The setup is the first part of the five so it is important to learn how to do it properly. This article addresses the setup with a simple and easy to use process.

Some Thoughts On Methods To Improve Your Golf Swing Mechanics

The best golfers in the world have both power and proper form, though many seem to focus on how long their long drive is. It makes sense. The stronger the hit, the less hits it may take to get to the hole.

All I Want for Christmas Is My Touchscreen Golf GPS!

Thinking of buying a golf GPS for your partner this holiday season? well, you have come to the right place. Read on and then decide on what Golf GPS to get.

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