Ryder Cup winners at Shriners Children’s Open, Nelly Korda is back | Golf Central | Golf Channel

The Golf Central team checks in at the Shriners Children’s Open, where some of the winning U.S. Ryder Cup players are getting ready to compete, and at the Cognizant Founders Cup, where Nelly Korda is back to close out the season #GolfCentral #GolfChannel #PGA
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Ryder Cup winners at Shriners Children’s Open, Nelly Korda is back | Golf Central | Golf Channel https://www.youtube.com/golfchannel?sub_confirmation=1

Teeing Off – The Proper Way to Begin Your Games of Golf

Beginning a game of golf is known as “Teeing off” as this refers to the tee which is the box or area where you take your tee shots from. On some courses these can be clearly marked with wooden borders creating a box effect but some more prestigious courses have a larger grass area with three markers that show where beginners and professionals should tee off from, sometimes there is a marker for women too.

Tips and Tricks for 300+ Yard Tee Shots

There are many golfers who believe they will never be able to hit long bomb tee shots like the professionals for a myriad of different reasons such as being too old or not being fast enough, many golf tutors have been able to successfully teach how to take a tee shot that goes 300 yards or more with plenty of different golfers of varying ages and abilities. There are many basic changes you can make to your tee shots that can magically begin to pile on the power and distance of your drives which can slowly start getting closer…

Top Tips for Pin Seekers and Holes in One at Golf

Many golfers will have dreamt of the day that they take that perfect shot, the wind is just right, the grass at the right length and their swing picture perfect. To top the shot off it lands with a bounce and a roll into the hole – a hole in one, the holy grail of golf.

What Exactly is Involved in Golf Fitness Training?

Golf fitness training is a set of exercises that targets the muscles most used during a game of golf. You don’t have to pump weights at the gym 7 days a week to keep your fitness levels up, but obviously the more you put into your fitness levels during the off season, the sooner you can perform at your best fitness level when the season rolls around again.

Where Do You Get the Best Advice on Golf Swing Training Aids?

Luke was a very frustrated golfer, and his frustration was gaining momentum every time he held a golf club in his hand. He was having a world of trouble with his golf swing and was desperate to try and do something to rectify the problem, so he could continue playing the game he has loved for the past 45 years.

How to Fix the GAP In Your Golf Score

Any touring professional will tell you that the most important thing to remember when you’re setting up to your shot is grip, alignment and posture. This is also referred to as the “G.A.P”.

Improve Your Golf Game With These Great Tips – 5 Areas to Focus On

Are you seeing the results in your golf game that match the work you’re putting into it? If not you need to focus more on five key areas: nutrition, mental toughness, endurance, strength and flexibility.

3 Tips to Choosing the Best Callaway Stand Bags

Perhaps you would like to know how to choose Callaway stand bags. A number of other people have a similar interest. There are products and services on the net which can help greatly. Maybe this article can help you reach whatever objectives you might have regarding how to choose Callaway stand bags. To explore how to choose Callaway stand bags, just read on here.

How to Choose Titleist Stand Bags in 3 Easy Steps

Perhaps you have some curiosity about how to choose Titleist stand bags. A good many others are curious about the same thing. It may not be so hard to choose when you know how. This article is meant to assist you to further whatever interest you might have in how to choose Titleist stand bags. Would you like to know how to choose Titleist stand bags? Continue reading and learn how to take action in 3 easy steps!

Battling Golf’s First Tee Jitters

Every golfer experiences some anxiety when approaching the first tee. Here are a few tips to help relieve that tension and get your round of golf off to a booming start.

Torquing Your Golf Swing

Are you having problems with distance in your golf swing. Check this article out. You may find a solution to your problems.

All About Golf Improvement Plan

It is often remarked about golf more as a game of the mind than at the golf course. Mental golf training is a big part of some of the best golf training academies of the world.

Introduction to Women’s Golf Club Set

Golf is undoubtedly a strenuous form of activity. It is a mode of physical exertion and yes, it helps the players, both men and women, maintain fitness and health.

Changing the Golf Course in Your Mind

Ever played a golf hole and thought… ‘this is a stupid hole, the position they’ve put that bunker in, or the way they’ve mown the rough, doesn’t make sense’? You know what, unless you’re the greenkeeper, you’re not going to change that golf course, but you can change the golf course in your mind.

How to Hit the Sweet Spot of Your Golf Club

It’s that sublime moment when you hit the ball right on the money. Your hit is so pure that you can’t even feel the ball and clubface make contact and the ball just rockets off high and far and you can’t believe it was you who did it. It’s golf’s peak experience. Want to do it all the time? Here’s how.

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