Rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm, Sam Burns share Round 1 BMW Championship lead | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Rich Lerner and Notah Begay III analyze the first round of the BMW Championship, including Rory McIlroy’s hot start and Jon Rahm finding inspiration in “Ted Lasso.” #GolfCentral #GolfChannel #FedExCup #BMWChampionship
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Rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm, Sam Burns share Round 1 BMW Championship lead | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Golf Language – It Helps to Know Golf Vocabulary

Like every other sports, the game of golf has it own set of vocabulary and commonly used words. For a novice golfer, it would certainly helps in knowing the language of golf in order to enjoy the game and the company of their fellow golfers.

A Breath of Air Will Help Keep You on the Straight and Narrow

Breathing has helped me to slow down my swing, improved my tempo and in doing so has helped me hit more fairways off the tee. I used to feel quite apprehensive when faced with a difficult tee shot, especially when there was trouble on both sides of the fairway and with apprehension comes tension. This little tip I gleaned from some long forgotten golfing tip transformed the way I swing through the ball.

Choosing the Right Golf Course for Any Skill Level

There are thousands of golf courses ranging in difficulty and price. Here are some tips on choosing the right course for your skill level and budget.

Womens Golf Shoes

An article about womens golf shoes. Tips and advice on choosing golf shoes for women.

Twist and Turn the Other Way! Is This a New Swing Sensation Or Just Plain Daft?

Many golfers will go to great lengths to find a method that will hit the golf ball easier, longer and straighter. They have this unshakable belief that somewhere out there, someone has a secret to a better golf swing. And although you know deep down that all this stuff is gimmicky nonsense, your immense enthusiasm in the theory and improvement of the golf swing overrides all sense of better judgment.

Sand-Boarding the Greenside Bunkers

Not so long ago I used to dread landing in one of the greenside bunkers. It used to fill me with fear and trepidation. My action in trying to get the ball out was akin to killing sand flies but all that was to change thank goodness with a little help from my good friend Raymond.

How to Play a Draw Shot That Every Golfer Should Know?

There is a secret little shot that you can add to your golf game and really shock the beginner golfer you usually play with. It’s called the draw. The draw sounds like a tricky shot. When the golf shot is described it’s hard to picture it. When you hit the ball it will go straight and then it will slightly curve to the right and then it will curve left. You won’t believe it until you see it.

Pre-Putt Fundamentals – Your Set-Up Determines Your Stroke Quality and Consistency

How you take your stance over a putt directly affects both the quality and consistency of your stroke. Good stroke mechanics are a byproduct of correct pre-putt fundamentals. Fundamentals are the things you do to make the mechanics of putting easy and reliable.

Give Your Golfing Enthusiast A Gift To Remember: Golfing Experience Gifts

Does your dad love to play golf? Does he spend the majority of his free time on the green? Does he spend the evening hours practicing his putt in the living room or garage? If your dad is a golf fanatic, then you might want to get him something that relates to golf this Father’s Day or holiday season.

The Simple Slice Tips

Golf is a game of rhythm and patience. When a golfer loses these two, then there comes a lot hurdles in the game. One of the most irritating hurdles that a golfer faces is the slice of the ball. Many golfers struggle to cure it for years as they are unaware of the causes of the slice. If they get aware to the causes, they can easily get rid of the slice within sometime.

To Improve Your Golf, Play With Better Players

This is a message for everyone who wants to get become a better golfer: play with golfers who are better than you are. Much better. You will not improve if you don’t, no matter how many lessons you take, no matter how much you practice.

Golf Swing Practice

There are a few elements that you should be addressing with every golf swing practice. Many golfers go through their entire practice session without actually fixing what they are doing wrong. All this does is make bad habits worse by repeating them over and over again.

Online Golf Tips – How To Fix The Most Common Faults, Use Your Steering Wheel!

Of all the elements of your set-up, how you hold the club, the grip, is one of the most important. There are many online golf tips available these days, but the majority seem to gloss over what, I think, is the most essential part of your set-up to get right.

Where Did My Golf Swing Go?

When I was a teenager I was clumsy at everything sports related, except golf. I was told I had a great natural golf swing. I played golf a lot and became very cocky about my abilities and never really had to work hard at it. I thought I had the perfect golf swing.

Beginner Golf Etiquette

Before you head out to the golf course for the first time there are certain rules of etiquette that you should know. Most golfers can appreciate a beginner, but not un-raked traps and ball marks left on the putting green.

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