Previewing 2021 U.S. Women’s Open; PGA Tour preps for Memorial | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Golf Central gets ready for the 2021 U.S. Women’s Open and looks ahead to the PGA Tour’s stop at Muirfield for the Memorial Tournament. #GolfChannel #GolfCentral #USWomensOpen
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Previewing 2021 U.S. Women’s Open; PGA Tour preps for Memorial | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Going On A Golf Vacation Should Be The Next Trip

Maybe the planning process has already begun, or perhaps the vacation is only a little bit of a thought right now. Either way it’s never too early to consider taking a golf vacation.

Enjoy Golf Fitness

Perhaps a person is looking to get involved with something that will get them moving but won’t be too strenuous on joints and hearts. If this is the case there may be nothing better than getting involved with golf fitness. Getting out and going on anything in the fresh air on a nice day is a perfect first step to any exercise program.

A Little Golf History

It is said that golf most likely originated on the coast of Scotland in the 15th century. Although it wasn’t until 1774 that golf was actually played professionally the way it is today.

Have A Better Short Game With A Better Wedge

A product evaluation of golf equipment. My review of the Callaway X-Jaw and its playability.

Free Golf Tips to Eliminate Miss Hits When Hitting Pitch Shots

Are you one that has problems with hitting pitch shots? Have you ever wondered what causes you to miss hit when pitching a golf ball? There are two types of miss hit shots; either you top the ball or you hit a skull shot. There is nothing more frustrating to be a pitch and a putt away from par only to miss hit the ball and end up with bogey or worse. Don’t feel that you are alone this is one of the more common problems that weekend golfer contend with.

Spend A Day With Friends Enjoying Senior Golf

After a person retires it’s very easy to get the feeling of what’s next. There are many activities that some try only to find out they come up short on entertainment or exercise value.

Do You Need to Be Fit to Play Golf?

If you ask some who has never played golf if they think you should be fit to play, you’d probably get an answer such as, “Why do you need to be fit? All you do is walk around a golf course hitting a little ball!” Most people regard it as a game of leisure so there’s no need for fitness training.

The Full Swing – Golf Swing Basics – Precise, Purposeful, Powerful

Without proper instruction in golf swing basics, it is hard to know the power of the classic full swing. The classic modern golf swing is a very complicated collection of basic physical and mental building blocks. But when assembled and executed correctly becomes a very precise, and powerful golf swing.

Why Have A Golf Tournament?

Have you noticed that the snow has almost melted (depending on where you live) and you can even notice the slight difference in how much more daylight we have compared to a month ago now that daylight savings time is here! I even heard the birds chirping this morning as I opened my garage door. What do all of these signs mean? It’s almost time for golf season to begin again!

Your Kinematic Sequencing

Have you ever wondered how someone with a golf swing like Jim Furyk experiences success in golf? As unusual as his swing is, it has produced a US Open Championship. Furyk’s swing is just one example. There is the swing of John Daly, who has two major victories in his career. Let’s not forget the unorthodox swing of Raymond Floyd. You could make the argument that Floyd had a pretty good career. He only has sixty-six professional wins with four major championships under his belt; two PGA Championships, a US Open, and some tournament that is held in Georgia. I think it’s called the Masters!

Hit Longer Drives With 5 Simple Tips

A powerful golf swing that produces long drives is scientifically proven to lower your score. For low handicap/scratch golfers, 3-5 shots per round can still be gained by combining long drives with correct strategy. Here are 5 tips that will help you hit longer drives out on the golf course within just a week or two.

Golf Swing Basics – Pitch Shots

When it comes to golf swing basics there is a big difference with different types of pitch shots. When you are pitching the golf ball in and around the edges of the green, over bunkers, over little trees, over a pond, 20 yards, to 40 yards you will use one golf swing. The golf swing you use when hitting your full pitch shot is completely different.

Working The Ball – Fade, Draw, High, Low

Knowing how to put your golf ball where it works to your advantage is a skill that can save you a lot of strokes. Many recreational golfers do not have these skills, those that do have lower handicaps.

Does Increasing Golf Swing Speed Also Increase Club Head Speed?

Increasing your club head speed will add distance to all of your clubs, the question is how do you accomplish that goal. Swinging harder or faster would seem to be the logical way to increase your golf swing speed and thus your club head speed. Is it really the way?

Groove Your Golf Swing By Allocating Practice Time Correctly

There’s a technique developed for foreign language learning called spaced repetition that can help you learn new golfing skills much faster. The idea is that you practice the skill through measured, spaced intervals instead of in long, continuous sessions. Not only do you learn faster, and retain what you learned.

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