Players intrigued by PGA Tour-European Tour alliance | Live From the Olympics | Golf Channel

PGA Tour players and Golf Channel’s Brandel Chamblee and Jaime Diaz react to the announcement of the new strategic alliance between the PGA Tour and European Tour for the 2021-2022 season. #GolfChannel #PGATour #EuropeanTour
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Players intrigued by PGA Tour-European Tour alliance | Live From the Olympics | Golf Channel

Golf Slice Tips – How to Avoid This Common Golf Problem

If you are a golfer, then you are more than likely familiar with the golf slice. Slicing the ball causes it to go far to the right or the left of the intended target and is one of the most common problems that avid golfers face. Even the pros have seen their fair share of slicing and have to constantly work to maintain a slice free game. The golf slice tips in this article can help you improve your overall game and reduce the risk of slicing.

Golf Swing Instructions for Beginners – Learn How to Swing Like a Pro

Perfecting your swing in golf is one of the hardest tasks to accomplish. When you stance and swing are not done correctly, it can greatly affect your game in a very negative way. Following golf swing instructions and tips like those in this article can help you get on the right track towards looking like a pro on the golf course.

6 Stance Tips to Correct Golf Slice Problems

Perfecting your stance can correct golf slice issues and greatly improve your game. The tips in this article provide you with a few examples of how you can improve your stance and cut down on mistakes.

Choose The Proper Size Of Golf Clubs

There are simple tips that must be remembered all the time. The tips will guide you on how to size of the golf club that you will buy. Make sure that you will remember them. They will guide you in choosing the best one that will fit you.

My New Golf Grips Help Me Play Better

I have purchased a new driver golf club and put on new golf grips on my clubs and they have made a huge difference in my golf scores. As cheap as it is you should do that for a few of your clubs that you use the most.

Golf And Poker Are Two Popular Games With Much In Common

Poker and golf are two games that on the surface would appear to be completely different and unrelated. Many players of these two games may tend to agree as it has been widely observed that many golfers enjoy and thrive in poker and many poker players love the game of golf and are actually very good at it. The games of golf and poker have some obvious difference, as golf is a physical sport whereas poker is strictly a cerebral contest there are a few similarities between the two popular pastimes that tend to overlap.

Golf Bags and Accessories For The Walking Golfer

The sport of golf can differ greatly depending upon whether you walk or drive the course in a cart. Walking the course can be a great workout, and with the right accessories not to great a strain on your body.

Golf Grip Tips to Help You Improve Your Game – Starting Today

One of the most important elements of a great golf game is your grip. If you do not know how to properly grip the club, then it could cause a wide range of problems such as causing you to slice or hook the ball. With some great golf grip tips like the ones found in this article, you can learn how to properly grip the club and improve your game immensely.

The Myth About the Correct Golf Swing

For years now many golfers have had the mindset that the harder they swing the golf club the further the ball will go. This is a myth! Swinging the club harder is usually the worst thing you can do.

More Advanced Golf Shots – Plugged Lie and Hardpan

Are your poor in playing advanced golf shots then here we have mention the useful golf tips for all your advanced shots like plugged lie and hardpan golf shot. Just position your body in the right shape and hit the golf shot.

Golf Days: The Best Of Ways To Instill Team Spirit

You still remember how you had witnessed a top notch company of your area resorting to golf days to spruce up corporate activities within a company. In a typical company, there are scores of people who play different roles in it. Be it employees, corporate executives or raw materials supplier within the organization.

A Great Golf Swing Plane Starts With Your Stance

I’ve been trying to perfect my golf swing plane for years now, and just realised that it’s super important to get the foundations right first off. I guess this is the same with any sporting endeavour – we need to understand the very first basics and apply these consistently over a period of time to have them become almost automated.

Thinking About Putting the Cover on Your Golf Cart?

Like all other 4 wheel vehicles, your golf cart is often overlooked when it comes to covering it up when the weather is bad, or when the season is over. Golf Cart Covers are a great way to protect your cart and keep it clean and dry.

Review of the Bushnell Tour V2 Golf Rangefinder – Part 1

When you are searching for a very commanding, very precise, very portable rangefinder. The Bushnell Tour V2 laser rangefinder with PinSeeker ought to be at the top of your list. It’s widely used and respected, and will offer you with all of the info you want to attack any golf course.

How to Correctly Practice Swing Drills Golf Experts Use to Improve Their Confidence on the Course

The most effective practice drills golf tour player’s and leading amateur golfers use are the drills that are designed specifically to help them to make the transition from the practice tee to the golf course as easily and quickly as possible. In this golf instruction article I’ll explain how performing a golf practice drill correctly will significantly improve your chances of taking it to the golf course without the usual prolonged distress usually associated with golf swing changes using what I call the “5 D Success Formula.”

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