Phil Mickelson joins exclusive company after winning Furyk & Friends | Golf Central | Golf Channel

The Golf Central team recaps the trophies that were handed out on Sunday, including Phil Mickelson’s historic win at the Constellation Furyk & Friends. #GolfCentral #GolfChannel #LPGA
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Phil Mickelson joins exclusive company after winning Furyk & Friends | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Davis Frivolous Nature Over US Women’s Open

The USGA’s senior director of rules and competitions was frivolous during the press conference held on Christmas Eve at Oakmont country club. Though the mercury reached below 90’s but to Davis it was perfect time for holding the championship.

Educate Yourself on How to Host a Golf Event Successfully

Man is a social animal and social gatherings and get-togethers strengthen our social bonds. You can organize for an informal golf event, where you can encourage the players to participate in the game of golf while interacting with each other exchanging pleasantries. Read on and you can learn the basics of hosting a golf event.

Looking For Some Helpful Golf Tips?

Many people start out thinking that golf is a difficult game to excel at. It really is not if you are able to do one thing. Relax when you play. Don’t get all stressed out before a game, wondering about your performance. Most people play for fun and relaxation anyway, so start with the attitude that this is going to be fun.

Want to Improve Golf Swing Techniques Easily?

One of the easiest ways to improve golf swing techniques is to have someone who understands the game to watch your swing. For most people this ends up being a golf instructor. Whoever it is, have them watch you for a bit until they see clearly what it is that you need to improve on. Once you have determined this, you will know what to focus on during your practice sessions. You will be able work on changing what you need to change and leaving the other things alone.

Think Through Your Golf Swing Step-by-Step

To start out with hold your golf club with both hands. Raise your hands out away from your body, until they are at the level of your forehead. Learn this position. Practice this so that every time you coil you have this same feel. This is the correct position to be in for a good swing. This is the correct distance that your hands should be from your body.

Are You Buying Your First Pair of Golf Shoes?

If you find that the prices in the store are a little too expensive for you, you can at least get an idea of the type and brand that you prefer. You may be able to go online and find the same shoes or some fairly similar to them at a lower price. You will probably find a lot more variety online than you will in a local store. If you have the time to wait for delivery then save some money by purchasing your shoes online.

What is Included in the Phrase Golf Equipment?

If you are just starting out in golfing, you will want to know what things to get in order to be ready to play the game. There are a number of different things you will want to consider. First of all your golf clubs are a very important part of your golf equipment. Your clubs will probably by one of the most expensive parts of your equipment.

There Are Many Golf Swing Useful Tips to Achieve That Perfect Swinging Action

Many people pursue the amazing game of golf. Only a few reach the top. If you inquire about the success factors of any topper, perfecting the art of swinging will be of paramount importance.

Tips For Buying Your First Set of Golf Clubs

When going out to buy your first set of golf clubs, you may be thinking that there is magic to buying the most expensive set you can. You may think that if you buy a set that is endorsed by Tiger Woods or some other famous golfer that you will be able to play just like they do. This is obviously not the case. You will just pay quite a bit more for your clubs than you need to.

What Do You Look For in Golf Carts?

Golf carts are used for many different things these days in addition to golfing. Carts are used on the course to get from one hole to the next. They will carry 2 to 4 people and a set of golf clubs. Most of them don’t have a roof, they are open air carts. Some may have a cooler for drinks. Brand new a basic cart may sell for anywhere from $3000 to $5000.

Do You Need to Have Expensive Golf Balls to Play Well?

If you are like most people, you will lose a fair amount of them in the lake, the rough, and a number of other places. You are probably playing the game for fun and it is truly not fun to lose $20.00 worth of balls before you get half way through the course.

How to Stop a Slice – 3 Great Driving Range Tips

Are you stuck with a slice? Are you looking that fix and forget solution? Stop a slice in your golf swing with these great driving range tips. A slice need not spoil your game, these drills will help fix your swing and bring pleasure back to your game.

Use the Golf Tips For Beginners to Get Into the Groove of the Game

Golf is quite an interesting game as it can be played by youth and not-so-young alike. All you need to enter into a golf course is a nice set of golf-clubs and sheet interest. From outside, the game might appear very simple, though there are many strategies and parameters in the game that decides the ultimate success. There are many golf tips available for beginners to get into the game and fine-tune their skills. You can learn these tips and use them wisely in a golf course.

Learn How to Hit a Golf Driver in the Easiest and Effective Way

There are many types of shots in the game of golf. This may include the drivers that are aimed at clearing long distances, chip shots to get the ball out of sandbox or rough terrain and putters aimed at short distances to name a few. In any hole, the initial attempts of the player will be concentrated in displacing the golf ball as close as possible to the hole. You can excel in drivers by knowing certain useful tips and executing them to perfection.

Are You Searching For Good Discount Golf Clubs?

If you are searching for some good discount golf clubs, you can do the best searching by knowing exactly what you want and price shopping the clubs online. You will first need to decide on the exact clubs you want. This will take some time to figure out. You might ask some of your friends to try their clubs and get a feel for different brands.

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