Pennsylvania hosting future USGA events; Rose wins Payne Stewart Award | Golf Central | Golf Channel

The Golf Central crew reacts to the scheduling announcement for future USGA events at Oakmont Country Club and Merion Golf Club, changes to the calculations for the official Wolrd Golf Rankings and Justin Rose’s selection as the recipient for the 2021 Payne Stewart Award. #GolfCentral #GolfChannel #USGA #JustinRose
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Pennsylvania hosting future USGA events; Rose wins Payne Stewart Award | Golf Central | Golf Channel

How Can Golf Swing Training Help Your Game?

Matt loved to golf because it gave him a chance to spend time with his buddies, enjoy being outdoors, and let off some stress in a fun and active way. He knew he wasn’t really that good at the game, so when a friend suggested that Matt would benefit from golf swing training, Matt wasn’t surprised by the suggestion. Matt decided to look into the suggestion a bit because he really had a competitive spirit and wanted to win a game with his buddies one day.

Why Should You Start a Golf Weight Training Program?

While Luis wasn’t easily beatable on the golf course, he noticed he was gaining a little weight around his middle section. There was a time there where he tried to forget about it, but it was getting to the point where it was affecting other parts of his life. This is why he decided he needed to make some changes.

How Does Golf Fitness Training Improve Your Performance and Health?

For years, I focused all of my energy and efforts on furthering my career and helping my wife raise our three kids, and I really let my health go down the drain. Usually when I golf, I opt for the golf cart, but recently I golfed with a group of friends who wanted to walk the course to get more exercise. In the distant past, I could walk a course with no problem, so I was really surprised at how out of shape I was when I walked the course this time.

How Do You Know Which Golf Swing Training Aids to Try?

Joe was trying to decide between golf swing training aids, hoping to find one to solve his problematic golf swing. Sometimes the ball would go the correct distance and sometimes they wouldn’t. He was frustrated with his high scores.

Good Golfers Know Good Practice

Reading another book, reading another magazine article, watching another video, reading another web page – none of these things make you a better golfer. Practicing does. So go to the range and hit some balls. Hit some chips and pitches. Hit some putts. Do it! That is what makes you better. Here’s how to do it right.

Golf Gift Ideas: This Year, Maybe The Best Golf Gift Ideas Have To Do With Your Sanity

I can think of eleven billion useless golf gifts. How about one that has the potential to be used?

Why Should You Use a Putting Golf Training Course?

Adam’s putting was a mess, at least lately, and it always seemed to go out the window when the game mattered the most. He tried several golf training swing aids, but none of them made a difference. His friend Todd suggested a golf training course that provided you with putting exercises.

What Is the Best Way to Choose a Golf Training Course?

Dustin loved hitting balls and putting on the practice green, but when it came to really trying to improve his game, he wasn’t all that interested. It wasn’t until he started to score higher and higher that he thought he should probably take his practicing a little more seriously. He started playing more rounds, but he seemed to only get worse.

Should You Read Golf Training Reviews?

Pat was always a pretty good golfer, and although his scoring stayed the same for most of his 30s, by the time he got into his 40s, his game had started to go downhill a little. He took to reading golf training reviews online to see what ways of teaching might help his game, but he really didn’t know what he was looking for or even if he should believe what he was reading. Even though Pat had played golf for a long time, he couldn’t decide which of the reviews were for real and which ones were written…

Will Working on Golf Training Swing Technique Pay Off?

Ed loved playing golf and he didn’t even mind going to the driving range, but he had never had any formal lessons in golf, so there were some strange things going on with his swing. He knew that he had problems, and his game came and went, but he still didn’t know if lessons were in order for him or not. Like many golfers, Ed didn’t really want to deal with his golf training swing technique.

How Will a Golf Swing Training Aid Help You?

There are a couple golf courses near Josh’s house, which means he is always on the links. He likes to play with his friends, but the past few months he had been having problems with his swing. This was the reason Josh looked at a golf swing training aid, hoping this would improve his swing.

Will a Golf Training Program Help Your Overall Game?

When Jack turned 42, his best friend bought him a few hours’ worth of training at the local golf course. What was meant as a nice gift turned into a nightmare, though, because Jack’s swing completely came apart after those few hours. It took him almost a year to get back to his old game again, so he was naturally a little scared to try out any other golf training program.

What Are Some Golf Swing Training Aids to Help You Improve Your Game?

Every time Nate would grab his golf clubs, he tended to bring along all of his golf swing training aids. His friends would laugh at the assortment and say he would need a cart for all the gadgets. Nate would use an aid every once in awhile, but he liked having them with, rather than having them in the garage when he would need one.

Which Golf Swing Training Aids Are the Best to Use?

A guy like Sam, who had been playing golf for years, already had a whole garage full of various pieces of golf equipment, but he had yet to find one that could really help his game. Sam had a lot of problems – from inaccurate putts to a complete inability to hit out of the traps, and he needed help quickly. Sam found that there is a wide variety of golf swing training aids available right now, perhaps more than ever before.

General Strategy For Recreational Golfers

If you are double-digit handicapper, you may admire the way professionals attack a course, but you should not copy their style. Adopt these strategies for yourself to play well, have fun, and keep your scores down.

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