Patrick Cantlay holds off Jon Rahm to win first FedExCup Championship | Golf Central | Golf Channel

The Golf Central team breaks down Patrick Cantlay first FedExCup title and whether he has done enough to be named PGA Tour Player of the Year. #GolfCentral #GolfChannel #FedExCup
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Patrick Cantlay holds off Jon Rahm to win first FedExCup Championship | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Selecting the Right Wood Clubheads

In the past, selecting the right clubhead had never been such a difficult task. Today with the introduction of wide range of varieties and models, it becomes extremely difficult to choose the right clubhead for you. Today you are standing in an era where technology has advanced to an extent where you can select any of your favorite clubhead in any shape or in any material.

Will Socializing On The Course Ruin Your Golf Psychology?

Unless you’re about as popular as Jim Carrey in The Cable Guy, you golf with friends, leading you to wonder: ‘Will my golf psychology suffer if I chat with my friends quite a bit?’ My answer is, ‘It depends.’ You are unique, which means your golf psychology is also unique.

Selecting a Golf Glove

Gloves definitely provide good grip when used rightly. However, there are many professional golfers who don’t wear any gloves, but there are others which prefer to wear gloves to enhance their grips and minimize the perspiration factor, especially in warm weather.

Replacing Golf Cart Battery Cables

Maintaining or replacing golf cart battery cables does not have to be time-consuming or overly difficult. But for those new to electric vehicles, one look in the battery-bank compartment might make you cringe. There are certainly plenty of wires inside this compartment, and it may appear as if there is no rhyme or reason to how they are attached to the various terminals. Do not let this scare you. With the proper approach, replacing golf cart battery cables can be quite easy.

Shopping for Golf Equipment

For most of the amateur golfers, the pro shops are nothing more than an adult equivalent candy store. In recent few years the market has developed manifolds.

Choosing Offset Golf Clubheads

Many shafts are designed with offsets. Offset is a feature of a golf club to improve the standard of the game. The leading edge of the clubhead is set back from the front line of the holes in golf clubs.

Simple Guide to a Good Golf Swing

One of the essential parts of learning and enjoying the game of golf is knowing how to execute a good golf swing. Of course, that allows you to put the ball into where you intend to put it. If you are new to golf and you are interested to learn how to make that golf swing to enjoy the game and avoid errors, you can actually find some great resources that will teach you how to perform the basics of golf.

Here’s A Golf Psychology That Will Give You Total Concentration

There’s simple golf psychology that will give you total concentration and the mental edge when distractions are closing in on you. It’s called the Forrest Gump approach. If you saw the movie, you know that Forrest wasn’t too bright. But he DID have a single-minded ability to concentrate.

Selecting Blade Golf Irons

If we have a look over the history, we have come to know that until 1960s, these were the only iron available. The blade is basically a cleaned line club with a short head, a small sweet spot and a small sole.

Selecting the Right Amount of Shaft Flex for Your Needs

If you really want to improve your game in order to become a good golf player, you need to understand the effect and importance of shaft flex in golf. Shaft flex is basically the ability of shaft to bend during the swing when the forces are applied to it.

Learning the Correct Golf Swing – Tips You Can Find Useful

Learning the correct golf swing is one of the important things that you have to focus in playing golf, as errors often abound on how one swings the club to hit the ball. If you are learning how to play the game of golf, or even if you are still having the interest to learn golf, it is important to keep in mind to learn the correct swing even from the start so you won’t develop bad swing habits later.

Golf Workout Plan – Building Your Body Into a Mean Golfing Machine

It’s not enough or effective when you just start exercising without any direction, plan or goal. You will not only be exposing yourself to injuries but you will also hinder yourself from performing the proper golf swing when you play on the course. You should first and foremost have a schedule; a direction and a desired effect. It’s advisable to have a progress chart to help you check if you’re achieving the desired results.

The Myth of the Pendulum Stroke

Some contend there are only two styles of putting…straight back, straight through (rocking the shoulders/pendulum style) or the open to square to closed (rotational) style. I submit, there is a better way. Stroke path does not really matter. Putter face alignment is critical. Focus your mind and practice on how to strike the ball squarely.

Slicing Tip – Are You Releasing The Golf Club Correctly?

If you are not releasing the golf club correctly through the moment impact area, then you are more than likely going to be hitting the golf ball with an open face and therefore slicing it. Follow this simple drill that will show you how to release the golf club correctly.

Your Golf A-Game Starts With Golf Exercises at Home

Golf fitness training is important when it comes to bringing your A-game onto the pristine greens. You can’t expect to perfect your swings without physically working out and training. The good thing is that you don’t have to get a personal trainer to help maintain your workout programme. You can actually do your golf exercises at home. All you need are the right tools and enough motivation to keep you going. So, what should your home workout program consist of?

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