Padraig Harrington: Stress is lifted with European Ryder Cup team set | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Padraig Harrington explains the challenges he faces as the European Ryder Cup Team captain and Will Zalatoris discusses winning the the Arnold Palmer Award as the PGA Tour Rookie of the Year. #GolfCentral #GolfChannel #RyderCup
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Padraig Harrington: Stress is lifted with European Ryder Cup team set | Golf Central | Golf Channel

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Tips To Putt Better – 2 Easy Ways To Increase Confidence on Short Putts

If you take note of how many putts you make in an 18 hole round of golf, you will realise that almost half of the shots are made with your putter. Therefore it makes sense to dedicate about half of your practice time on putting right? Here are 2 drills that will help you increase confidence on short putts and save strokes on the green. Use these drills regularly and amaze your playing partners with your dropping golf scores.

Help Me Putt – Easy Way To Create A Consistent Putting Stroke

Do you have what they call the ‘yips’ when it is your turn on the green? A fear when you grip that putter because you have no clue if you will push or pull the putt? The fact is that you can become a good putter even if you don’t believe it yet. You just need to address the fundamental issue of creating a consistent putting stroke.

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Are free golf tee times really free? Can you play quality golf courses when you want to play and where you want to play and still get great golf deals including deeply discounted tee times and even free golf? You can if you know where to look. Read the following tips for finding free tee times on your terms.

Beginner’s Guide – Begin Your Golf Experience Without Golf Injuries

It may hurt a bit, but let’s face it – a beginner golfer may think of golf as a sport that only involves merely hitting the golf balls without thinking how the body reacts to every swing. This novice perception in this sport may just be the reason for the existence of future golf injuries. However, before you will misinterpret my statement, I am not saying that only beginners are affected by these injuries, because while on the course an injury can happen to both a pro and a beginner.

A Beginner’s Guide – What Are The Things You Need In Your Golf Set?

Your dream of becoming a golfer, or should I say a professional golfer, starts from your determination and your passion to live each day being closer to your goal. Of course, at first you will start by being a beginner in this sport. As such, you must know a lot of things first about this game and of equal importance is for you to know the different things that you will see in your golf set.

Three Simple Golf Swing Lessons

In order to hit consistent shots you need to have good swing mechanics, a solid set-up and a consistent technique, but there are certain overlooked principles that if you follow will give you a great golf swing. When I say that these principles are “overlooked” I mean that you know that you’re supposed to follow these principles, but you don’t. So in this article I’m going to give you three golf swing lessons which you must follow if you want to produce consistent shots.

Bob Ferguson

Robert Ferguson, known commonly in his day as Bob, was one of the early golfing soldiers, a man who played to win and who refused to give an inch to his fellow competitors. He is also one of only four men throughout history to have won the Open Championships (now commonly known as the British Open) three years in a row. It is easy to forget in this day and age of huge prize purses and million-dollar endorsement deals that golfers in the early years played for the love of the game more than as a way to make a living. Bob’s first Open Championship victory earned him a grand total of seven British pounds. By today’s standards, well, let’s just say that wasn’t considered a tremendous amount.

Alex Smith

Some families congregate toward certain professions. The father and sons tend to have the same interests and work toward the same goals, though some of them have varying degrees of success. For Alex Smith’s family, this was the case as he came from a long line of golfers. In fact, he was a member of a famous Scottish golfing family.

Lloyd Mangrum

The forgotten man of golf. That’s what legendary sports writer Jim Murray called Lloyd Mangrum. By any generation’s standards, Lloyd Mangrum won enough tournaments than almost all others who had come before or after him. Thirty-six in all. Only eleven men have done better throughout golf history.

Can You Really Buy Yourself A Better Golf Game?

You might be able to buy yourself a better golf game a little bit, but think before you go spending that hard earned cash on the latest golf gadget. Don’t get caught up and buy on impulse, sleep on it.

Ralph Guldahl

How many golfers on the PGA tour overanalyze their swing? For Ralph Guldahl, a man who rarely ever thought about his swing in technical terms, it has been long theorized that his game -one that earned him three major championships in three years- disappeared when he set out to write an instructional book on golf and began to analyze his own swing.

Jimmy Demaret

Perhaps there was no more colorful player in the entire golfing world and history than Jimmy Demaret. From the clothing he wore on the course to his commentary after he retired that added some of golf’s most popular phrases, Jimmy Demaret was the true definition of a legend. While the golfing work during Jimmy Demaret’s prime had been choosing drab, inconspicuous wardrobes of grays and blacks to coincide with the difficult economic times, Jimmy Demaret broke the mold and went for the brightest colors, and even brighter lights. He was known as much for his playing abilities as he was for his affinity for the late night parties, carousing, and womanizing.

Jamie Anderson

When people think of golf professionals today, they often think of money, fame, fortune, and the eternal adoration from fans throughout the remainder of their life. The money that is thrown at professional golfers today is sometimes obscene, but with the marketing revenue generated and the draw of millions of golf fans around the world, one could argue that they earn every penny. For the early pioneers of golf, or at least some of them, anyway, this wasn’t the case and the story of Jamie Anderson, a British golf legend, ended in poverty, buried in an unmarked grave next to his son who had passed away in 1963.

Gene Sarazen

When you’re the first golfer to win the career grand slam (winning all four major titles in a career), then you must be considered one of the great golfers of all time. But Gene Sarazen’s accomplishments on the golf course are only one part of the story. Gene Sarazen is the man behind the creation of the modern sand wedge.

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