Olympics is “coolest thing” Justin Thomas has been part of | Live From the Olympics | Golf Channel

Justin Thomas meets with the media ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to talk about his excitement playing for Team USA and his expectations for the event. #GolfChannel #Olympics #JustinThomas
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Olympics is “coolest thing” Justin Thomas has been part of | Live From the Olympics | Golf Channel

Compute Your Golf Handicap With A Golf Handicap Calculator

Many players, at first, throw their hands up in the air when they try to figure this out on their own, but there is an easier solution available: use an online golf handicap calculator. The golf handicap calculator will do the math for you, so you can determine your golf handicap in no time.

Social Golf Websites: The New Way To Enjoy Golf

Nearly everyone with access to the Internet has become involved with a social networking website. Places like Facebook or MySpace offer an easy way for people to stay in touch with friends and meet new people who share their interests. It is also an easy way to announce upcoming events, and you can get a pretty good idea of who is able to attend and who is not in advance of an event, a decided benefit that comes from the online format.

Cure Slice

Many lay-man golf players suffers the problem of slice which is usually the mishit of golf ball and it occurs when the golfer fails to hit the ball further straighter and with greater steadiness. Solution lies in the fact that once the golfer comes to know the proper swing of golf the problem of slicing and other related aspects will be diminished.

PGA School

The aim of these PGA school is to make golf learnable to general public through trained instructors and professionals. Once a learner initiates to learn golf at PGA his standards are elevated to excellence of playing golf as the mission of PGA school is to stimulate the interest of learner in golf and to enhance the vivacity of game.

Golf Physical Therapy Tips: Dynamic Vs Static Stretching

The majority of golfers getting ready to tee off on the first hole do not properly prepare themselves for the repetitive stresses they are about to encounter for the next 4-5 hours. You see it all the time, golfers rushing to the range to spray a few balls, taking a few putts on the practice green, grabbing the foot pulling it up, bending forward to touch the toes, and then they are trying to crush it off the first tee. However, a golf physical therapy expert would tell you that static stretching prior to a dynamic activity like golf can actually hinder performance rather than enhance it.

Fix Golf Slice Problems With 4 Simple Swing Tips

Sometimes, the secret to fix golf slice problems is as simple as fixing these problems with your golf swing. The tips below can help you get your movements back on track and swing straight next time you’re on the course.

Do Footjoy Dryjoy Golf Shoes Provide That Much Comfort?

It is crucial that you are comfortable when you are golfing, so investing in the right shoes is essentially as important as having the right clubs. A lot of people don’t put a lot of thought into this though, and select a pair based purely on looks or prices.

Golf Today – The Booming Golf Industry

If you an avid fan of golf, you’ll see that Golf in the Philippines has truly come a long way. Now, there are more than 50 golf courses nationwide to choose from and majority of these function as ideal places for a vacation and offer breathtaking scenery.

The Spirit of Golf – Passion

Passion is a powerful aspect of human nature. It is a force that brings forth the motivation that effectively enables a connection with any desired accomplishment. As long as the heartfelt passion endures, even the most difficult of endeavors can be conquered. The game of golf has something within it that brings us to a higher ground of self-realization through the passionate fulfillment of a desire that lies within the cornerstone.

Is Golf Fitness Training Really That Important?

My brother Nick is a pretty fit guy for someone in his mid-40s, and although he goes to the gym fairly regularly and looks fit, when it comes to golf, he isn’t fit at all. He still hasn’t come to the realization that in order to play your best golf, you actually have to be in shape, too. But is golf fitness training really that important?

How to Destroy Your Shank for Good and Never Let It Unnerve Your Golf Game

Even the best of players on tour have the occasional “shank”… What is so unnerving about a shank is that the swing motion is very close to the ideal swing path. If a shank starts to creep into your game, especially your with short game, this article will give you all the ammunition you need to kill it for good before your entire golf psychy starts to unravel. Understand the mechanics behind a shank and you can take simple steps to avoid it for good…

Why Would You Try a Golf Swing Training Course?

Most people have a specific golf swing that is unique to them, even if they have had the same instructor. Sam wasn’t sure why this was the case. He decided to watch some of the better regulars and see what they did differently from all the rest.

How Can a Golfer Benefit From a Golf Training Swing Course?

Leland had been spending a lot of hours at the office the past six months. They had a huge deadline to meet and it had taken longer than planned to get a working business plan. This kept him out of the gym for a long time, which didn’t help his fitness efforts.

How Do You Know Which Golf Swing Training Aids to Buy?

Larry didn’t realize there were so many golf swing training aids available on the market, as there seemed to be hundreds of options. He first went online and looked at different websites. Then he went to the local golf equipment store and discovered hundreds of other devices.

What Should You Think About When Buying a Golf Swing Training Aid?

Fritz was trying to find a golf swing training aid to solve his issues with his slice. It had been acting up lately and wouldn’t stay straight. He also wanted an aid to teach him how to get the ball to immediately stop once it hit the green.

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