My BEST ROUND OF GOLF….so far! #Break75 EP3

Gainey’s Back In The Groove

With a newfound perspective on both his career and life, Tommy Gainey has finally gotten his first ever win at a PGA Tour event during the 2012 McGladrey Classic. I wonder if he can pull another upset and win the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Classic…

How to Organize Your Golf Club Bag for Maximum Effect

When you are out in the golf course playing, the last thing that you want or need is to be distracted. There are a lot of things that could distract you out there, and that includes the others players with you. You could also get distracted when you can’t find the right golf club that you need or whatever it is that you’re looking for at the moment.

How You Can Enjoy Golf Even During Bad Weather

Avid golfers would like to play the game as often as possible. They’d love to be able to play all the time if it was only reasonable to do so. And that means playing in every kind of weather condition there is. A person with true passion for the game of golf would certainly want to play through even the worst kind of weather, at least that’s what every lover of the game would prefer.

How to Choose the Right Golf Club Bag for Travel

Golf is one of the fastest rising sports today. More and more people are getting into it. They are taking it up for various reasons and benefits that they are getting from it. If you have tried playing the game already and you are into the game of golf right now, then congratulations because you have made an excellent choice when it comes to the game that you chose to engage in. You should try to expand your golf playing horizons some more by trying out some new things.

Golf Swing Problems – 7 Golf Training Aids to the Rescue

Can’t produce enough power with matching speed and accuracy in every time you perform your golf swing? Try one of these confidence-boosting, handicap-lowering, golf training aids to eliminate all of your swinging problems.

Golf’s 7 Deadly Sins

Golf is far from a perfect game and it’s played by imperfect people but with the correct mindset, it can remain fun and rewarding. This is my take on the 7 deadly sins of golf.

Golf for Parents

How to parent young golf champions to reach their golf dreams. With understanding, knowledge and love.

Interview With TPI Certified Trainer: Melanie Scrase

I was talking about what you can do this winter to improve your golf game. By reading books, watching DVD’s from the best teachers in the game of golf today. Names like Hank Haney, Jim McLean, David Leadbetter, Dave Pelz, Bob Rotella, Dave Stockton and Butch Harmon. Today, we will talk about your physical preparation. What are you doing this winter to stay in shape, stay fit. Do you have a training program? Is it personalized? Does it help your golf game? Did you know that you can have access to a golf training program built only for you by a fitness professional? Yes you can. Titleist developed a program. To help help understand the program, what better than a Certified Instructor of the program. Here is an interview with Melanie Scrase, TPI Certified Trainer.

Golf Tips – How Do I Stop Coming Over The Top Part 1?

Every keen golfer is always striving to improve some part of their game or solve a specific problem. In this golf tips article I am going to look at one common fault and give you a way of fixing the issue.

Teeing Lessons That Will Improve Your Performance On The Golf Course

As a golfer, you would want to keep on improving on your overall game. This means being able to learn new techniques and executing them to perfection, especially when it comes to your swings. So if you want to improve on your teeing further, check out these simple lessons that will surely make you a more well-rounded golfer and will help bring your game to the next level, sooner than later.

How to Reduce Your Golf Putting Errors

The ability to adjust easily to distinct speed greens and a great control of distance are two characteristics of a good putter. But there are other things that affect the putt execution of a golfer, which produce the unwanted errors. If you are committing too many putt errors, here are ways to trim it down.

Top Three Arizona Golf Course Resorts

Arizona is not only famous for its golf courses and world-class experience it provides of playing golf, but also for the luxurious facilities. It offers innumerable breath taking services in the three world-famous resorts like spa, water park etc.

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