Mike Phillips: Prince could’ve been a great golfer | Beyond The Fairway (Ep. 37 FULL) | Golf Channel

Contemporary jazz saxophonist Mike Phillips joined Will Lowery and Doug Smith to discuss what it was like to work with Musical geniuses like Prince and Stevie Wonder, how he told Tiger he was going to win the tour championship, why legacy is what you leave behind for others not yourself and much more. #GolfChannel #BeyondtheFairway

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Mike Phillips: Prince could’ve been a great golfer | Beyond The Fairway (Ep. 37 FULL) | Golf Channel

What is the Best Golf Training Guide?

When he started his long awaited retirement, Robert was thrilled that he could finally spend his days doing exactly wheat he wanted: playing golf. The more he played, however, the more problems that started to develop in his form. It wasn’t fair! He didn’t have these new bad habits when he was restricted to every second Saturday at the course.

Who Can You Trust For Good Advice on Golf Training Reviews?

Golf is certainly not a sport for those with a very limited income. This is a sport that costs money and plenty of it, especially if you want to get any good at it. My friend Mike had recently retired and was wanting to spend his days happy hitting a white ball around the paddock. He looked around to see what other players were doing, and noticed that many of them were using enhancement products to assist them with their game.

Where Can You Get the Best Golf Tips?

Only recently retired, Barry wanted to make sure that he put his name down at the local golf course that he was seeking a place in the local men’s comp. Now his days were all his and he wanted to spend them doing something that he had only dreamed about for the past 40 years. He was finally going to play his days away at the golf course.

Gifts Ideas For Pro Golf Players

If someone dear to you is actively participating in pro golf, then you may have thought of giving that pro golfer gifts that come in golf equipment to show your love and support. As a pro golf fan, you now have plenty of options on where to shop for equipment that are designed to fit the needs of professional players.

Lowering Your Golf Handicap to Raise Your Golf Skills

The Steps to becoming a better golfer can be long and drawn out with many people taking longer than others to get the basics and then advanced shot techniques mastered. There are many advanced techniques that golfers will be required to call upon when they are playing a round of golf and therefore you’ll want to learn these at some point so you are better rounded golf player. Of course no two golfers are the same; there can be natural quirks about anyone’s shots such as a natural fade or draw that you may have to compensate for if…

Mastering the Chip Shot for Great Short Range Approach Shots

There are plenty of shot types you’ll need to master as a part of mastering the game of golf. Some golfers can find that some shots come more naturally than others and so will need to spend a little more time practicing before each game. The chip shot is one of these shots that can be tough or second nature, a vital component of any golfer’s short game you’ll need the chip shot for close range shots that are just outside of putting distance or have an obstacle to clear.

Perfect Bunker Shots As Taught By the Pros

The bunker shot is probably the most dreaded shot in a game of golf, most golfers will be overjoyed to keep their ball out of the sand throughout their game but as many players will know: sometimes our ball will roll or bounce in to the bunker and it is up to us to get the ball out (using the least amount of strokes as possible). There are five key points to bear in mind; these tips are what all professional golfers have running through their head when the ball lands in the sand. As long as you…

Finding the Right Golf Ball

The correct golf ball can make your game more pleasurable. Choose which ball is for you based on your skill, swing speed, feel and how much money you want to spend.

How Do I Find the Right Golf Swing Training Aid For Me?

It seems just about everything in our high tech world has a technical gadget or gizmo that can improve it or make it more effective. The same is true for the golfers aids that are available now also. Nev had joined a local men’s comp and was needing to brush up on his golf swing skills.

Why Choosing the Right Golf Equipment is Important?

I hate when I accidentally pick a golf club that isn’t the right fit for my golf game. Once in awhile I borrow a friend’s set, and I find out that they have a different grip than what I’m used to. This usually means I play rather poorly and I have to fight frustration.

What is the Best Golf Swing Training?

When Jay decided the best way to spend his retirement was on the golf green, he realised he would need to get some tips and pointers to ensure he could play the best he could. Knowing that he really needed some work on his golf swing he started to look a round for some advice on the subject. But what is the best golf swing training?

What is the Best Golf Training Swing Advice?

Enjoying his game in the men’s over 40’s at his local golf course, Jason was having some trouble with his golf swing action. It seemed he had picked up a bad habit somewhere along the way and it was now effecting his game dramatically. It didn’t matter what he did, and how he tried to fix it, he just couldn’t seem to right the wrongs he had created.

Choosing Between Golf Swing Techniques

There are a variety of different golf swing techniques that you are able to employ in order to drive the ball longer and straighter. However, the basics of all golf swing techniques are fundamentally the same.

What Sort of Golf Training Equipment is Available?

Roger was an avid golfer who had recently retired and was looking at spending more and more of his days at the golf course. He had recently joined a local men’s comp and found that the guys he played against were more advanced than him with their game.

Newbies Guide to Purchasing Golf Clubs Online

When purchasing on the internet you will find a wide variety of websites that offer many different types of clubs. They offer many brands of woods, irons, putters and wedges to choose from. When your new to the game of golf, equiping yourself is a difficult task without a little help.The best advice is to consult an experienced golfer or a golf professional if possible.

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