Matthew Wolff leads the way at Mayakoba Golf Classic | Golf Central | Golf Channel

The Golf Central team brings you the latest news from the 2021 Mayakoba Golf Classic, including how well Matthew Wolff is hitting the ball, plus how Bernhard Langer is continuing his dominance at the Charles Schwab Cup Championship. #PGA #GolfChannel #PGA
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Matthew Wolff leads the way at Mayakoba Golf Classic | Golf Central | Golf Channel

The Best Way to Practice Putting

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There is a lot of golf advice that states that the first shot that you take on each hole is the most important however this ideal is actually debatable. There is one thing that is true and important and that is that most of the reduction in your handicap will come down to size which could be why a lot of people wonder how to hit an offset driver.

Golf Swing Basics Start at the Tee

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Golf Swing Basics Are Easy to Learn and Can Make a Huge Impact on Your Golf Swing

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The Importance of Learning Golf Swing Basics

Many people jump into things with both feet. They don’t bother dipping a toe in to test the waters. They figure the quicker they jump in the quicker they can become better. However, more often than not this is not the best technique to use. This is especially true in golf.

Keeping Focused – Golf Swing Basics

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Golf Swing Basics

Many people find golf to be a great leisure activity. When you start to play golf you need to learn the golf swing basics.

Golf Swing Basics – Your Position

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