Matt Fitzpatrick tops small field at Butterfield Bermuda Championship | Golf Channel

Jay Croucher joins Golf Today to discuss Matt Fitzpatrick leading the field ahead of the Bermuda Championship, the negative impact of travel on odds and the smaller field’s role in crowning an “out of the blue” winner. #GolfChannel #ButterfieldBermudaChampionship #ButterfieldBermudaChampionshipOdds –
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Matt Fitzpatrick tops small field at Butterfield Bermuda Championship | Golf Channel

How to Buy a Golf Club Set – Questions to Ask Yourself First

Before you purchase your first golf club set, there are a few things you should think about. Let’s break it down into five questions you need to think about, whether it’s your first set of clubs or a new set you are after.

Improve Your Golf by Setting Specific Targets

When taking a golf lesson or practicing is your golfing goal something along the lines of “I want to improve my golf?” The problem with the above is that it doesn’t explain how you will bring improvement about or quantify how much improvement you want there to be. In fact, though they may sound like goals, it’s actually just a statement about what you think would be a desirable result.

Putting Drills to Improve Confidence in Golf

You can be able to practice putting drills anywhere, basically a smooth space with true spin can do. Once you become a better putter, it actually becomes addictive and instead of becoming uncertain about the putt, you will start to like the dare of putting and come close to every shot with optimism rather than uncertainty.

Purchasing Tips For Buying a Good Golf Ball

Since golf technology and expansions of golf clubs progress rapidly, plenty of people believe that development in golf balls are gradual and less regular. This is normally believed by majority of golfers however, this is far from reality. The technology in golf balls have advanced enormously in current years and at present finding the accurate ball for the game that can be advantageous as choosing the exact clubs.

Three Tips to Buying Golf Balls

Hopefully these golf tips on buying balls will help you narrow down your choice. You don’t want to have to spend a fortune on balls but you also don’t want to buy second rate ex – pond balls, not really knowing their quality. Instead, buy new golf balls that you’ve carefully selected to do the right job for you so that you may drop strokes and lower your golf handicap, provide value for your money and make for a great days golfing.

Golf Guide – Golf Stretch Exercises Can Help You With Your Golf Swing

Most new golfers, or sometimes, even those who have been playing the game for several years already, have yet to appreciate the impact of golf stretching exercises on their game. A routine of simple stretches, focusing on the muscles and joints which are often used during a game of golf can help improve one’s flexibility and strength on the golf course.

Improve Your Golf Quickly and Easily

How To Break 80 and Shoot Like the Pros! has quickly become one of the best selling golf instruction programs because it is written and designed for those of us who actually have to do something else than golf to make a living. This is not a simply collection of golf tips, golf lessons or golf instruction…it is your personal guide to lower scores. In this book, you’ll learn the simple steps to create more consistency with your swing and game in general. To learn these steps takes approximately 30 minutes and also provides drills to ensure you can incorporate these new techniques into your game.

Country Clubs Offer Superb Golfing and Other Attractive Amenities

California golfers looking for some of the top courses in the state know to visit golf courses located at country clubs. Offering a variety of semi-private and private golf courses, country clubs offer not only excellent golfing but also other features that will appeal to all family members, even those whose interests lie outside of golf. Thousand Hills Country Club in Thousand Oaks has a lovely eighteen-hole par seventy-one course that novices to experts will enjoy playing.

The Perfect Tee Shot

Mastering the ideal positioning and the amount of power to use during making tee shots is important. There are several steps to take note of in order to bring out the best tee shot possible. Check out the little secrets of the perfect tee shot here.

San Diego Golf – Find Your Place in the Sun

San Diego enjoys a climate similar to the Mediterranean, which includes dry and warm summers along with mild winters rarely falling below fifty degrees. With over two hundred days typically above seventy degrees, it is a perfect place to play San Diego golf on a regular basis. You will find that there are several golf courses located in and around San Diego that offer a variety of playing conditions and a wide selection of tee times that are available online for your convenience in selection and booking.

Top Three Causes of Topping the Ball Off the Tee

Whenever you are trying to improve your golf it always pays to go back to the basics. Check your ball position, check your swing, and make sure that you’re staying 3/4, limited turn rather than over stretch and lose composure. If you get back to a limited turn and ensure the correct ball position, you will start hitting any shots with any club off the tee box very well.

Resort to a Golf Vacation Every Day

Palm Beach County, perhaps like no place else in the world, offers thousands of square miles of green preserves, natural and man made waterways and beautiful homes with ample views and spacious communities. Amongst these homes are the world’s finest golf courses and clubs. Private communities and public venues offer entertainment and leisure activities for all.

Tour Tested and Used Putting Technique Discover the Art and Science to Putt Magically, Putt to Win!

Putting is far more of an art than a science and when I say science I mean everything technical like your setup, posture, swing type and path, putter etc. Now I am not saying that a good setup and properly adjusted putter is not important because I believe the better you get both the tool (putter) and the machine (your setup) then the better you will be able to apply the art.

“Golf” Shooting in the 70’s, Golf Tips III – “Short Game”

How to improve on the golfers short game. Chipping and pitching golf tips. The answer on how to get your pitches and chips to land softly.

Golf Terms Explained

To some the terms used on the golf course may sound like a foreign language. Below are some common and not some common golf words and their meanings.

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