Malaska Golf // The Tug Of War in Your Golf Swing – Using Physics to Hit the Ball

Why PGA Tour Standard Pitching Skills Tests Will Improve Your Golf Game

This article cover what a PGA Tour Standard skills test will do for any players game. It also goes in-depth on how to complete a pitching skills test.

Improve Chipping With The PGA Tour Standards Skills Chipping Test

The PGA Tour Standard Skills Chipping test is a useful tool to pinpoint weaknesses in a player golf game. This article describes how and why to use this test.

How To Complete A Golf Ball Distance And Dispersion Evaluation

This article describes describes the latest distance measuring technology and which technologies are most accurate and useful. It then goes in depth on how to use this technology to create a golf ball distance evaluation.

Golf Heat Injuries – Golfing in Hot Weather

Summer time is here again and the heat is on. This article discusses the injuries that can result from golfing in hot weather and how to reduce or eliminate those injuries.

How To Master The Golf Swing One Motion At A Time

Learning a new motion or position in the golf swing takes time. There will also being leaps forward and steps backward during the journey. This makes it all the more important to understand that only one motion at a time should be worked on during practice sessions.

How to Choose the Correct Golf Bags

Surely, golf bags are necessary to the game of golf, which makes it more important for a golfer to know what they are looking for in a golf bag. The correct type of golf bag will help enhance the golfer’s enjoyment of the game and protect all of the belongings kept inside their golf bag. Whether it be walking, pulling or driving, there is a perfect golf bag out there for everyone!

Develop Weapons: Drive Your Golf Ball Farther

Everyone wants to hit the golf ball further, but most people don’t know the simplest ways to get more distance off the tee. In this article we show you three super simple ways to hit longer drives.

Garmin Approach S1 Review – Waterproof Golf GPS Watch

Product Description – Unlike other golf GPS, Approach S1 has deeply combined GPS receiver with a flexible, lightweight sport watch that entirely gives distant information on the back, middle and front of greens. Measuring the shot of individual distances and tracking how far can you walk on the course is even made easier. The alarm will also help you get up earlier in the morning just to attend any golf activity in the club.

Gift Suggestions for Golfers

Every time a special occasion comes around and you feel a need to buy a gift for a golfer friend, special someone or a family member consider yourself lucky. Here are a few gift suggestions that all golfers will appreciate so your shopping will be more easy…

Tips on Improving Your Putting Game

How should I hold the putter? Your stroke is strongly affected by the way you hold the club. When putting, the two crucial points are: keep your hands together as a unit, and don’t grip too tightly.

It Takes More Than Talent to Be a Superior Golf Tutor

So you think you would like to teach golf to young or novice golfers. Most golf instructors will tell you they love what they do, but that’s because golf instructors who don’t love what they do are not, or should not be golf instructors for long. It certainly takes knowledge, experience and skill to teach the game properly. But it also takes patience and a passion for the game.

Learning How To Play Golf Better Quicker

Golf can offer many benefits to people of all ages and it is most fun to play when you are getting better each time you play. Learn some effective tips to help you lower your handicap and have more fun with the game.

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