Malaska Golf // Player Lesson: Pivot and Release Points with Kevin Pillar, New York Mets

Golf Slice Correction by Using a Driver

It is a known fact that the driver is one of the most important clubs in golf. This is used to tee of on par 4 or par 5 of many golf courses. A golfer’s day can even be predicted by his drive off the first tee.

Diagnosing and Fixing a Golf Swing Slice

Let’s just start by ensuring that everyone is clear on what causes a golf swing slice. A golf ball can slice to the right when it is curving in a left-right motion. The ball does this because it is spinning in a clockwise direction.

Cleveland Classic Tour Driver Review

I’ve put together an in-depth review of the Cleveland Classic driver. This ‘new/old look’ to the modern driver could catch on! The Cleveland Classic driver is one of those clubs that is hard to look at to begin with… but, it can really grow on you.

Five Ways to Hit the Golf Ball Lower

Here are five ways to hit the golf ball lower. Hitting the golf ball lower is useful for golfers who play in windy conditions or who want to add another recovery shot to their golf game.

The Top 5 Ways to Shoot Lower Golf Scores

Shooting lower scores is easier said than done. What you need is a plan! Here are the top five best ways to structure your plan and everything that needs including to lower your golf scores. We want to hit the golf course with a tidy game and a solid plan.

Which Muscles to Workout for Golf?

Which are the muscles that help you to hit the golf ball further? Which are the muscles that are worth working out? No golfer wants to spend all day in the gym! In this article I’m giving you the 5 most powerful muscles to work out for your golf swing!

Golf for Those Who Want to Take It Up

Golf never ceases to fascinate me. No matter when I go to play on the green; it always has something for me to cherish. And I know times are hard in terms of economy and all. This dismal picture is exaggerated for a sport that requires you to buy certain equipment. Like I always tell kids, they can always manage with a lot less than they think.

What It Means to Get Your Name Carved on a Golf Trophy

The game of golf is one of the most challenging sports because of the fact that a golfer has to deal with himself. Golf is not a contact sport and because of this, competition against other golfers is not the same as other sports where competing persons are able to affect each other’s performance.

Four Keys to Developing a Championship Golf Grip

Learn how to play golf like the pros. This is golf instruction at its best. These four great golf tips will lead to longer, straighter shots and lower scores.

Why The One Plane Golf Swing Could Be The Golf Swing For You!

Trying to decide on the one plane golf swing vs. the two plane golf swing? Look no further, your answers lie here!

Golf Camp: Equipment And Clothing You Need To Bring To The Camp

Simply put, a golf camp is a time and place of “perspiration and inspiration” for golfers, both experienced and beginners who want to make their dreams come true in the field of golfing through comprehensive training and practice with other golfers sharing their dream. By attending a golf camp, you take your time away to break from the norms of having to train and exercise alone.

Ever Thought of Pursuing A Golf Career? Learn About Your Options

Sports are not only considered as a recreation activity but also as a way of life in some cultures. Since time immemorial, sports have been considered as an important event, and a lot has been done to improve it and make people embrace it as part of a societal event.

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