Malaska Golf // How To Set Up Your Target Line – Train Your Eyes

Choosing the Best Golf Clubs for Beginners

Choosing the best golf clubs for beginners can be tough. Golf is a huge industry and at times it can seem like there is a new product out every week. Each one of these ‘technological breakthroughs’ is supposed to add 10 yards to your game, increase control and let you hit every shot straight! So why doesn’t it work like this in the real world? Simply because most beginners don’t have any idea what they should actually be playing with.

Best Training Aid – Tour Striker Review

There is always an influx of new training aids coming onto the market which guarantee improvements to your golf swing. Some of these training aids are worth your time and money while others will never be put to use, provide no benefit and will just be a waste of effort.

Golf Clubs for Seniors: What Should You Choose?

Choosing clubs for senior golfers is a bit different to choosing clubs for the rest of us. Older players don’t swing the club quite as fast and can’t always make regular contact with smaller-faced clubs. Getting the right equipment can make sure the golf is just as enjoyable as it was when you were a bit younger.

The Unconventional Putter Guide

The unconventional putter guide is about making those three, four and five foot puts when money is on the line or you are trying to win the club championship or your flight in the club championship, or perhaps it is just breaking 80 for the first time. The art of putting is also being able to get those forty and fifty foot puts to within a foot or so of the hole most of the time. Every year the golf club manufacturers put out their new and best putters designed to make all of us better putters, if only we fork over $100, $200 or even $300. Putting really isn’t that much about putter technology as it is about the four or five inches between the ears of the golfer and the techniques he has developed over the years to know what he can do on the greens under pressure.

Learning to Play Golf – The Basics

If you want to learn to play golf there are a few basics to grasp first before you venture out on the golf course. Then you will steadily acquire the skills needed to enjoy the game for many years to come.

Highest Clubhead Speed on the PGA Tour

This article discusses the players with the highest clubhead speed at the highest skill level in golf. These players hit amazingly long drives looking smooth and effortless.

Golf Tips – How To Choose The Best Golf Driver For Your Game

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, choosing the best golf driver can be a challenge. Golfers use driver clubs when starting off on par 4 or 5 holes and the right driver can give you an impressive beginning, allowing you to shoot long off of the tee.

What Are The Best Irons?

Choosing the best golf irons for your game can be difficult. Blades, cavities or a complete hybrid set? Picking the wrong option can make a great game very difficult. So how should you choose?

Woodhall Spa Golf Courses

Golf is one of the most interesting sports you can pick up. This is partly because of the ease of game play and the fact that there are numerous golf courses all over the world. That being said, the following is how to select the best Woodhall spa golf clubs for you.

What Are Game Improvement Irons?

More and more sets of clubs are being advertized as game improvement irons. What does this mean and why should you be interested?

Benefits of Hybrid Golf Clubs

Benefits of hybrid golf clubs. Which golfers should use hybrid clubs? Over the past ten years, hybrid woods, also called utility woods or rescue woods, have gained in popularity with amateurs for a variety of reasons. We will spend the next few minutes outlining why golfers should use hybrid woods rather than “low irons” as well as which golfers should use hybrid clubs. The reasons golfers should use hybrid woods are as follows.

Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, GA

The Masters tournament played at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia is one of the most famous and popular golf majors. It is considered to be one among the 4 majors in the golf arena. This tournament is a respected one and was begun by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts. Golfers from all over the world wait to perform in The Masters for the coveted title. This year The Masters will take place from 5th April and will continue to 8th April. Last year golf aficionados saw the victory of Charl Schwartel, the South African who defeated Jason Day and Adam Scott. The legendary Tiger Woods ended up 4th. Charl Schwartel’s score in this entire tournament rounded up to 274.

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