Malaska Golf // How Laying Down Can Improve Your Golf Swing

Improvements You Might Need to Make to Your Golf Game

Enhancing your golf swing sequence is often an overwhelming task that may occasionally appear impossible. Enhancing golf swing is actually nothing more than practicing good stance and central balance.

Long Drive Golf Tips for the Beginner

Most golfers who’ve played the game for any length of time measure their skill one of three ways: By their handicap; By their winnings; By their driving distance. A few long, accurate drives during a round can make any golfer feel great about his or her game, but all too often golfers sacrifice score and accuracy as they attempt to match distances with their favourite PGA pros. So how can the average golfer improve his driving distance and accuracy without inflating his or her score? Here are a few simple golf tips:

Fix A Golf Slice Today

The golf slice is the curse for many but can easily be corrected with a little knowledge and practice. In this article you will find what causes a golf slice and how to fix it. Described are a couple of drills, if practiced, that will improve your golf swing today.

A Review On How The Earliest Golf Clubs Originated And What Type Of Woods Were Used In The Process

Until the introduction of the compact, convex-faced Bulger heads in the eighteen-eighties, the design of wooden golf clubs was more or less constant.Wooden clubs had long,slender heads up to five and a half inches in lenght, with a long neck that was attached to the shaft by a spliced joint. These were called scared (as in frightened) neck, long nose clubs,and endured for over three hundred years.

Learn How to Prepare for Bad Weather and Enjoy Golf in the Rain

It is estimated that over 80% of golfers do not prepare adequately to cope with playing golf in the rain. Make sure that you are not one of them. Find out how to keep dry and score well on the golf course. I have experienced playing golf in all sorts of inclement weather.

How To Play Golf

Nearly 50% of all golfers are unable to shoot a score under 100 for 18 holes, and only 5% are able to shoot scores in the seventies. This is due mainly to the fact that most golfers never receive good, quality instruction. In order to learn golf and have an opportunity to excel at the game, most beginners need a step by step plan for learning the game provided by a qualified golf instructor.

How One Good Stroke Will Have You Hooked on Golf

Who knew the game of golf was so much fun. Before you judge the game you definitely should play the game.

Modern Golf Clothing – Performance As Well As Style

Gone are the days of baggy khaki trousers and over-sized navy polo shirts. Golf has moved on. It is an Athletic sport now. Dominated by young guns. The modern day golfer is in great shape.

Steps to Help You Have the Correct Golf Swing

Some golfers have not learnt the correct golf swing yet. If you are one of those golfers who drive the golf balls to Bermuda triangle or when people cover their heads every time you come to take the tee; it is time that you do something to do something about your golf swing. You may want to visit the nearest driving range to test your skills in golf swing.

Golf Swing Techniques – Tips for Straightening Your Golf Shots

Improving your golf swing will surely pay off in due time. This is very important whenever you want to play a good game of golf. In fact, it is key to the game. It will be one of the most sought after solutions to a bad golf game. Improving your swing action can be carried out, obviously, but it will require time.

Review of The Simple Golf Swing System

There are many relatively new products and services you can get today; a few of these could be seen as very worthwhile. Some products and/or services have experienced exceptional acceptance by their users and have been growing and developing good reputations.

Guide in Curing the Slice

One of the most frustrating things that happen to a golfer during a good game is when the ball starts to slice. This sort of breaks your momentum as a golfer because this injects frustration instead of determination, and when frustration kicks in, motivation is lost, luckily, it is never too late to cure a slice. Yes, experts came up with ways to start curing the slice.

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