Malaska Golf // Hip Movement: How Jack Nicklaus Moved His Hips For His Hands

Mental Toughness in Sport, Golf, Life, May Be A Load Of Rubbish!

How many times have you heard the phrase “Mental Toughness”? I have heard it so often it is getting really cliched for me. I am not sure it’s even correct. Just because a person fails in a certain situation, doesn’t make them mentally weak. They may not be handling a certain situation very well because they are not controlling their thoughts, body and emotions, but that still doesn’t make them mentally weak. Someone branding you, or worse still, branding yourself as mentally weak is just not helpful. In fact that very belief may just be a huge part of the problem.

Golf Basics – How to Get Started

Knowing golf basics, etiquette and the fundamentals of the game are the keys to being a successful golfer. Playing the game of golf is not just about driving a golf ball a couple of hundred yards down the fairway, but actually understanding, implementing and practicing the fundamentals of the game to be successful. This article will help you get started on the right track toward enjoying one of the greatest games in all the world.

Playing Golf – Dissecting The Basics For Beginners

Golf – they say it is the sport of the wealthy. But everyone can enjoy playing golf. It all comes down to learning the basics of the game. But if you are thinking that golf is something you can just swing and do correctly, you are mistaken.

How To Stop Slicing The Golf Ball Today

This article will simply tell you everything you need to know to stop slicing the golf ball. I can give you everything you need in order to action today and stop slicing. You will understand why you slice the golf ball currently and how never to do it again. Most golf instructors over-complicate the swing. This article has simple instructions to change a weak slice to a powerful draw.

The Perfect Golf Swing – Fact or Fiction

Is there such a thing as the perfect golf swing or is it a myth being perpetuated by golf swing instructors trying to sell you their version of their golf swing. I am going to tell you that it is a subject that will get people talking and not very politely talking. Over the last 14 months, I have viewed the tutorials of many of the more famous and not so famous online golf swing instructors. I have only found two that were similar as I think one copied off the other.

How To Find Your Innate Swing

Everyone has an innate swing. In this article, you will learn how to unlock your innate swing and discover the path to consistent improvement.

The Best Way To Learn How To Shape Your Golf Shot

Learning how to shape your golf shot is simply a case of knowing a few basic principles and practice. Ultimately, it’s acquiring a feel for the technique that really brings out the best results.

The Secret to Longer Drives, Lower Scores and Pain Free Golf

If you’re like most golfers, you buy the best equipment, you take golf lessons, and you practice every aspect of your game trying to get better. Yet, you may still have back and shoulder pain. You still don’t get the distance you want off your clubs. Sometimes you feel exhausted during your round. Something is missing, isn’t it? What is the secret to longer drives, lower scores and pain free golf?

Simple Ways to Spin Your Golf Ball to Fade or Draw

If you were to ask almost any golfer “how to spin a golf ball”, they would almost certainly think you were talking about backspin. Knowing how to impart enough backspin on a golf ball can minimally control your ball as it hits the green, and if you are extremely proficient at it you can make the ball reverse its direction and come back to you.

10 Things You Better Have In Your Bag

If you consider yourself an avid golfer, you better review this list. Over my many mishaps I have compiled a list of the 10 “must haves” for any golf bag. They are readily available but certainly much more expensive at the course than out of your bag.

A Golf School Is Your Gateway Into Professional Golfing

A dream is everything to man. The question is: what steps are you taking towards achieving your dreams? Many people live with their dreams; they do nothing towards living the dreams and finally die before they have lived the dreams. There are many people out there who watch the sport of golfing and envy the players. They tell themselves in their hearts “one day, I’m going to be a great golfer just like Tiger Woods”.

What Does It Take To Learn How To Play Golf?

Golfing is becoming a popular sport by day. Earlier in the days, the sport was only left for a few people in the society. It was a game of a given class. It is not that it is expensive to learn the sport or the sport’s kit is expensive; the major problem was that, the sport was only played in clubs, clubs that were only accessible to the elite in the society. Today, things have completely changed. Golf has become a sport for all. Provided you are ready to learn, you will shine with the sport regardless of your social status.

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