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The Complete Golfing Review From It’s Humble Beginnings Through To The Modern Era

Man has always been attracted to pastimes involving hitting, throwing or kicking ball-like objects, although the actual origin of most ball games is lost in the mists of time. Golf is no exception and, while there are many theories surrounding the beginnings of the game, it is known that several different stick-and-ball games were played in medieval Europe. One such game was “pallemaille”, played in the streets of France and Italy using a mallet-headed club to hit a small wooden ball towards a target which was either on the ground or elevated. The popularity of the game spread to Britain and the first “palle-maille” court was built in central London in the 17th century on a site known today as Pall Mall.

How To Manage and Maintain Golf Towels

When you take such good care of all your golf components, why leave golf towels behind? It is not enough to simply have a nice looking golf towel carted around with you. You must be able to keep it well too. Here are simple ways to manage them.

An Introduction To Different Golf Clubs

Any golf ‘newbie’ wants to know about the different golf clubs used in the game. At least, I wanted to; and yes, I was, and still am, a ‘newb’. The differences in their shapes, their lengths, and their thicknesses used to mesmerize me.

One Of The Best Ways To Improve Your Golf Game

Most people who play golf find that they want or need to improve their golf game. Even the top pros need to keep working on their game in order to keep progressing. I guess the only people that don’t want or need to improve their golf game are those occasional players who just like to walk the course with their friends for a bit of fun.

Simple Golf Tips to Improve Your Game

Not all the people who wish to play golf have the talent and skills. Some of them just possess the willingness to learn more about the sport and follow simple golf tips. A good golfer must have the ability to execute golf swings pretty well. Having the natural golf swing is not a natural thing for people who love to play golf.

Secret To Choosing the Right Golf Club Shaft

Learn how choosing the right golf club shaft can increase your distance and consistency. Many golfers are using golf club shafts with the wrong level of flex for their swing. This simple change can be the key to longer drives…

Tips for Driving in Golf

Golf instructors say that to be the best beginners, you must start from the ground and go up. The main reason for this is that going lower to the ground creates more power to your drive. This is only one of the basic tips for driving in golf, this article will feature more tips to help you improve as a golfer.

Tiger Woods Picks Up His First Victory in Two Years

It is his first tournament title since a Thanksgiving night car accident in front of his home in 2009 that unspooled a scandal of extramarital affairs. Let’s first get the caveats out of the way: No, the Chevron World Challenge is not a regular PGA Tour event. But it is effectively Tiger Woods’ tournament; it was established to benefit his charities, and he is the host.

What Makes a Perfect Golf Swing?

The first thing that was taught to me about golf was that I need to just RELAX! In my personal opinion, this is something that most of us have simply neglected or have forgotten how to do. Playing golf is more than a hobby, it is a sport that is meant to be enjoyed and can relieve stress that has built up over the last week from work and maybe home, as well.

Truth About Weight Training for Golf

Contrary to what other golfers believe, weight training for golf would not make you lose the feel of your golf game. In fact, you will be more in control of your body and your movements. You will also develop your balance which is very important when playing golf.

How Golf Can Be a Part of Your Backyard

Do you love golf? Saving money? A beautiful backyard that is sure to become the talk of the town? Believe it or not, all three can come together in a glorious harmony that can involve both golf and barbeques at the same time. If you’re willing to put in the time and the energy, you can easily turn your backyard into the miniature golf course of your dreams. And even if you don’t fancy tending to professional grass seed for the green, there are synthetic putting greens and fake turf mats to appease even the smallest of yards. And with a well-positioned golf net to keep your golf balls in your yard and not the neighbors, you can start saving money and enjoying the game!

To Get Out of Trouble On the Golf Course Use This Golf Club

There is a golf club that is gaining in popularity that we use for getting out of difficult situations on the golf course. The hybrid golf club, also named the rescue club, offers two distinct advantages for the golfer: as a replacement for long irons and to allows us to “rescue” ourselves from difficult situations 150 yards and farther from the green. Every golfer should have at least one of these golf clubs in his bag.

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