Lee Westwood taking lessons from 2012 into 2021 | Live From the PGA Championship | Golf Channel

Lee Westwood met with the media Tuesday morning ahead of the start of the 103rd PGA Championship on the Ocean Course at Kiawah Island. #PGATour #GolfChannel #PGAChampionship
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Lee Westwood taking lessons from 2012 into 2021 | Live From the PGA Championship | Golf Channel

A Few Golf Swing Drills You Can Do at Home

If you want to be really skilled at golf, learning simple golf swing exercises at home will help you in developing an incredible aid in getting you on the way to your goals at the golf course. Repetition, with not just golf, but in everything we try to become accomplished at, is really a fundamental part to achievement for getting a consistent golf swing, as long as you repeat the correct swing fundamentals. And these fundamentals cannot be copied from Tiger Woods or anyone else that has mastered golf, unless they could speak with you in lingo you can comprehend…

A Golf Addict Plays Some Fantastic Courses

This weekend I had the pleasure of playing some really good golf courses with a very diverse group of mates The initial course was a secret jewel secreted away close to the border of England and Wales and the second was a world famous golf centre in Ireland. Rolls of Monmouth – I tried this course with a bunch of dental surgeons and lab technicians from Cardiff- no down in the mouth jokes please! What a pleasure to play this gorgeous rolling parkland course with some difficult demanding holes and…

Darren Clarke Was Challenged by an Army of Leprechauns

There was that moment when the eventual Open Winner, Darren Clarke’s ball clipped the top of a bunker and thundered on safely down the fairway. There were at least two other ‘magical’ moments when the commentators said that Clarke had ‘the luck of the Irish’.

Tips For A Novice On How To Hit A Golf Ball

When first starting to learn to play golf the hardest thing for a novice golfer to do is to learn how to hit a golf ball. For what seems a simple task it can be one of the most difficult thing in golf for beginners to master. No matter what age you are starting the learn to play golf you need to master this part of the game.

Key To A Good Golf Swing

The search for a good golf swing continues. Every golfer is looking for the key thought or tip that will instantly add more yards to their drives, and keep them in the fairway. Unfortunately, many golfers don’t look in the right direction to get this improvement.

3 Tips for Golf Swing Improvement

Golf swing improvement comes partially from the hours on end that you spend on the driving range and on the course. What most serious golfers are learning is that a lot of improvement comes not just from swing practice but from workout routines that increase a golfer’s overall level of fitness.

Having Proper Balance in Your Golf Swing

While it seems like common sense many golf to not realize that having the correct balance in your golf swing is important to each and every shot. If you’re off only by a slight margin you’ll hit more poor shots than solid shots.

3 Ways To Train Your Golf Swing

Golf training swing aids can be incredibly useful in improving your golf game. However, if you lack the adequate level of fitness for the swing, all of the aids in the world will not help you.

The Importance of Golf Fitness

Golf has long been considered a sport that anyone can play, no matter what a person’s physical stature or ability is. However, in order for golfers to reach their true potential and achieve new heights with their game, it is important to participate in some form of golf fitness. Golf fitness helps maintain a strong, repeatable swing, improves your balance, develops muscle strength and can also prevent injuries.

In Need Of Some Golfing Pointers?

It’s late Saturday morning and you are approaching the 18th green on your local golf course. Today is a carbon copy of your last few rounds: you are 19 over par, have lost 3 balls, hit it out of bounds once, and 3-putted three times.

Beginner Golf Tips That Can Vastly Improve Your Game

Golf is a great sports activity enjoyed by legions of gamers and fans all over the world today. It is a game that is oftentimes gratifying, frequently frustrating, but always addictive. If you’ve just taken up golf, you can find many helpful articles, video tutorials and a plethora of learning materials about the subject both offline and online.

4 Steps on Improving Your Golf Swing

Improving golf swing capabilities requires a lot of work on the course, but a lot of work also has to be done in the gym. Fitness is a huge part of the golf swing. In order to complete a full swing that produces power, a golfer must be strong and flexible.

Golf Tips, Sports Psychology And Golf: What Does It Take To Make It On The PGA Tour? Luck? Skill?

Top golfers dream of making it on the PGA Tour. What does it take to perform under the pressure that exists at this high level of golf? How can golfers develop the confidence and focus they need to win at this level? This article describes a simple tip which helped one golfer to play to his potential.

Improve Your Golf And Your General Fitness

I heard a great quote the other day – ‘If men liked shopping, then they would call it research.’ Now we all know that most men do not like shopping, but I do, so I thought that today I would concentrate on things men like to spend money on. I came up with two ideas, both related to sports and fitness.

Get Peak Performance Golf Swing Training In Minutes

The end result for a professional golfer is to acquire repeated peak performance in every golf swing. Perhaps this is a talent which you wish to acquire as your next goal.

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