Korda falls down AIG leaderboard; Rahm leads pack at Northern Trust | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Cara Banks and Brandel Chamblee react to Nelly Korda stumbling at the AIG Women’s Open and the crowded leaderboard behind Jon Rahm at The Northern Trust. #GolfCentral #GolfChannel #NellyKorda #FedExCup
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Korda falls down AIG leaderboard; Rahm leads pack at Northern Trust | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Importance of The Perfect Golf Swing

As you can imagine probably the single biggest part of being a successful golf player is learning how you can get that perfect golf swing swing and striking the ball properly. When you’ve got a mediocre golf swing, it will operate against you dramatically and bring about several problems in attempting to take part in a triumphant game.

The Simple Golf Swing” by David Nevogt: A Golf Instruction Book Review

‘The Simple Golf Swing’ will appeal to golfers looking for a simple system to develop more accurate and powerful golf swings, which they can easily and consistently execute in the golf course. The great thing about the book is the simple and clear way the lessons are given, and how each chapter gradually helps the reader fully grasp Nevogt’s simple system in executing a great golf swing.

A Checklist on How to Master a Winning Golf Swing

Let’s first describe the golf swing that wins competitions. Perfect golf swings start with a smooth and natural back swing motion until it stops at the top, and then snaps in a tremendous speed downwards, hits the ball squarely, and then flies up and behind you for the follow through, while the ball flies straight to its target.

Golf Swing Book Review: How to Break 80

‘How to Break 80’ is written for people who enjoy golf as a hobby and can only practice a few minutes each week to significantly improve their game. It’s written by Jack Moorehouse, who claims to have learned the important skill that his other non-professional golf playing peers wants to know, and that’s ‘How to Break 80’.

Golfing Tips to Prevent Slicing

If your golf shots are flying right in a banana shaped arc away from the target, instead of straight to the target, then you are hitting golf slices. To avoid getting more frustrated rather than refreshed when you play golf, here are the basic tips to fixing your slice shots: Work on Finding the Best Grip For You – Most golf shot corrections start with some type of grip adjustments. First of all, although there is a standard description of what the right golf grip should look like, there are small or minor personal and unique adjustments that…

Four Ways to Cure Golf Yips

Imagine playing a high level of golf for years and then suddenly losing control over your body, your golf swing, and other aspects of your golf game you have already taken for granted. Imagine the level of your golf game degenerating into a beginner’s level again after playing golf for years—a real nightmare for golfers. And this nightmare is called “The Golf Yips.”

Where Should The Golf Ball Be in Your Setup or Stance – Learn The Best Setup For More Consistency

When it comes to the golf ball position in your stance/setup it amazes me how many amateurs fall foul of an optical illusion or bad advice and get this completely wrong, believing that the ball moves within the stance according to what shot you are hitting. This is complete rubbish as in fact the ball position should be a constant factor if you want to achieve consistent ball striking. The vast majority of players on tour have a consistent ball position including greats like Jack Nicklaus. Learn the truth about ball position if you want more consistent ball striking and shot making.

What Are The Best Golf Stretching Exercises? Learn How To Get Warmed Up Right Before Tee Off!

Warming up correctly before any sport is a must and golf is no different. The golf swing uses every muscle in the body so it’s vital to be thoroughly warmed up before you make your first golf swing. I have tried numerous golf stretching exercises and know what has worked for me and what hasn’t.

Golf Tips: How To Practice For The Three Difficult Shots

Watching professional golfers make it seem like it is very easy to swing. In reality, there are a lot of things a golfer needs to learn to get that effective whack. There are three very difficult golf swings that a lot many cannot seem to master but with consistent practice and dedication, these techniques should be easy.

Golf Tips 101 – 3 Tips for a Better Golf Game

This article is part of a series of articles that give free golf tips. This article in particular details 3 important golf tips to help you get a better golf game. These 3 tips are to make sure you use clean clubs, use an alignment aid, and to read the greens properly.

Play Golf For Free On Your Birthday

The following tip for free golf doesn’t require you to have anything more than an email address and a day off of work to play golf for free on or around your birthday. A lot of golf courses today have an email list that keeps you informed of upcoming specials, discounts at the pro shop, and other events at the course. As a benefit for handing over your email address to them, some courses will give you a free round of golf on your birthday.

Why Play Golf? Learn How Taking Up This 500 Year Old Sport Can Really Enrich Your Life!

It’s a question I get asked so often when talking about plans for the weekend, why do you play golf? The people that haven’t experienced this great game don’t understand the enormous pleasure it brings to millions of people worldwide. Every golfer has their own reasons for playing the game so I am going to share with you my top four.

Golf: How to Practice With Your Driver

The driver. Everyone’s favorite club. Or rather, the club we all wish were our favorite. Instead, we have an ongoing love/hate relationship with it that just doesn’t need to be. Here’s how to practice with your driver so you can get the ball in the fairway, well, not every time, but make those misses be the exception rather than the rule.

Truth Behind Golf Carts

On the country Golf courses Golf carts used to go in caravans each day for many miles. Special care should be given to such carts that carry golfers for many miles to the adjacent hole, pro shop, or the clubhouse for some grub. Many golf courses find Golf inevitable part of their routine.

About Maintaining a Golf Cart

A golf cart’s value for traversing the course can be known only if you are a regular golfer. Golf courses wide in area and you may drain down easily a golf cart can help you to play golf. Some people simply enjoy golfing but they are not able to cross the course, these people thanks golf carts for every winning game.

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