Keith Pelley sheds light on European Tour becoming DP World Tour | Golf Today | Golf Channel

European Tour CEO Keith Pelley joins Golf Today to discuss the decision to change the Tour name to DP World Tour next season and what that means for the players, sponsors and fans. #GolfChannel #GolfToday #EuropeanTour
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Keith Pelley sheds light on European Tour becoming DP World Tour | Golf Today | Golf Channel

Why Pro V1 Golf Balls Are Still Top Balls

The reputed brand manufacturer who supplies top quality equipments for golf has won the prestigious distinction for making pro v1 golf balls. The ball has won a laurel to the company for being selected as the top ball by the veterans in the game.

Banish First Tee Golf Nerves Using This Powerful NLP For Golf Technique Anyone Can Do

What would it be like if you could get control of your nerves when stepping onto the 1st tee or on any other shot or time you need that nerve control? Welcome to Image Driven Conditioning. Would you play better, more confident golf? Would you enjoy playing the game more? If you had that control now what would it mean to you? In this article I am not just going to talk about how good it would be, I am going to give you the exact process to use to make it happen.

Golf Grips of the Pros

Golf grips of the pros include the overlapping grip, interlocking grip and the ten-finger or baseball grip. The purpose of perfecting your grip on the golf club is to increase your chances of producing longer, straighter shots. Your hands must work together as a single unit if you want to maintain firm control over the direction and distance of your golf ball.

Golf Lessons From a Pro

Golf Lessons from a pro or a very experienced golfer will allow a beginner to pick up the game much more quickly. This early step may eliminate much of the frustration that comes with learning the game. But it is not absolutely necessary that a beginner take lessons.

Essential Golf Tips For You

Golf isn’t really an easy game. I often compare the role of the golf to that of a sniper. Before taking their shot, both must have adequate knowledge of their environment, must learn to take careful judgment of their distance.

Are You Using Your Golf Mind Properly to Improve Your Golf Game and Mental Confidence, Calm Nerves?

Can you play a shot like it really doesn’t matter, when it matters the most? The more you want to perform the less you must consciously try, but this is not a skill that most golfers do well in golf and yet you are doing it perfectly in other areas of your life. What is the best way to use your mind to play great golf and how can you learn to do this using examples of other things you do off the course?

Eleven Ways to Behave Properly on the Golf Course

Golf is a game of relaxation, fitness and a chance to have fun with like minded people. But when you get on that golf course for the big game, there are rules of behaviour to abide by, so everyone can enjoy the game to the fullest.

General Rules of Golf You Should Know About

Playing golf is a peaceful, tranquil sport. However, like anything you play, there are rules to know, which can be daunting to the beginner. So what are the general rules of golf you should know about?

Too Many Golf Swing Thoughts Will Ruin Your Game – Beware Or Try a Different Way to Improve

The more swing thoughts you have, the worse it gets. You try one or two things and that doesn’t seem to work so you try another little move and then you get told that X isn’t right either so you try and change that too. Pretty soon you are keeping this arm straight while that one bends, but the elbow is in while at the same time the hip goes that way and the left knee does this and… YOU’RE IN BIG TROUBLE!

How to Compare Golf Irons

Learn the basics of choosing and comparing golf irons. Tips are found here.

Use Your Golf Mind As it Was Designed to Play Great Golf Shots More Consistently

Would you like to play the kind of golf you know you are capable and do that on a more consistent basis than you have ever done in the past? Do you want to come off the 18th green feeling like golf was easy, automatic and seriously enjoyable? Would you like to have the SKILL (secret weapon?) to play great golf at a level that most amateurs will never attain? I’m going to tell you how to get started in this article with real, usable techniques you can apply immediately and that are easy to learn and use. How would that be?

You Can Worry About Swing Mechanics and Muscle Memory Or Play Great Golf – It’s Up to You

Let me ask you a question. Did you drive your car today?

Your Golf Mental Game Thoughts Control Your Physical Game and How Good You Play

A really funny and amazing thing happened to me on the way to work this morning! Images in your mind control what you do and you can either control those images yourself or be controlled by them. What goes on in the mind comes out in the muscle.

Control Your Nerves When Golfing – How to Get Rid of Nervousness in Golf by Calming Nerves Programs

One of the most common answers is; “Controlling Your Nerves When Golfing!” This is not surprising really as nervous control in any walk of life seems to be a primary concern for many people. Calming nerves in sports, any sport, will most certainly improve the performance of the athlete at any level, whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned professional. Get control now by calming nerves programs.

What to Look For When Looking For Golf Shoes

When it comes to purchasing a pair of golf shoes there are many different types and aspects to consider. Averagely you walk 5 miles around the golf course; they need to be comfortable, waterproof, have good traction, durable, and to obviously look good. This is why it’s wise to invest in a good quality pair of shoes.

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