Keep an eye on Patrick Reed, Luke Donald in Butterfield Bermuda Championship | Golf Channel

POINTSBET Senior Editor Teddy Greenstein joins Golf Today to break down Shane and Damon’s locks of the week and the odds this week in Bermuda. #GolfChannel #ButterfieldBermudaChampionship #BermudaChampionshipOdds –
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Keep an eye on Patrick Reed, Luke Donald in Butterfield Bermuda Championship | Golf Channel

GPS Golf Balls – Find Them Fast

Since the advent of the global positioning system (GPS) technology, many useful applications have been found for it. Practical applications include monitoring of cars and people for personal and professional purposes; fitness tracking especially for runners; geographical tagging of photos; and tracking locations on outdoor activities. Read on to find out more…

3 Golf Swing Keys – Hit Further and Straighter Shots in 1 Hour

Golf is a mental game as much as it is a physical sport. Your mind and body must act in almost-perfect synchronization in the space of a few seconds. Indeed, from the downswing to the follow through, a golf swing demands the right mechanics, the right mindset and the right magic of the game. Read on to find out more…

Golf Warm Up Exercises

Often many people fall into the trap of thinking that it is not important to stretch and warm up before a round of golf. However, if your muscles are cold before starting a round you risk the chance of injury and not playing up to your best potential. So before hitting your first tee-shot try these few simple exercises: Arm Circles: First raise your arms out to your side and begin small circles forward for 15 to 20 seconds, immediately begin small circles backwards for 15 to 20 seconds.

Driving Range Practice

The practice driving range is the best place to practice golf swing basics. The place to experiment and get familiar with the different golf clubs, gain swing power, develop rhythm and tempo, and overall golf improvement with grip, control and speed. Anyone can play better golf with practice.

Indoor Golf Practice Or Outdoor Putting Green

Where can you practice golf when you cannot get to the golf course? Set up an indoor golf practice in your living room, office or study. Practice putting using a cup or a purchased setup on an artificial golf mat or green. Or set up an outdoor putting green in your backyard or any open field. Just be sure that it is at least twenty yards wide.

Golf Shoes and Sandals

Golf shoes and sandals are available for men, women and children. There have been tremendous advancements in the construction of the golf shoe as well as more fashion, colors, sizes, and improved engineering for support and comfort. More importantly the shoe bottoms have been designed for the golf course.

What is a Golf Hazard Area?

A while back I wrote about hitting the golf balls into the lake because my friend had gotten frustrated with me as to how to hit the golf ball. It was great fun. But what do you do when playing golf and you hit the ball into the lake? Any area punctured with red stakes marks a water hazard area and you are penalized a point.

Putting – A Golf Swing Needing an Angel

There are many golf swings to learn and the most important is putting. Putting appears easy to do, but you better have a sense of humor and a great deal of patience because there are days when it seems the hole is determined to do a hot potato dance and no golf ball will enter. Therefore, putting is a golf swing needing an angel to keep the devilment of your anger subdued.

How Practice Aids Can Transform Your Golf Game

One of the most important keys to effective practice is quick, efficient repetition. These products can help you achieve these qualities, and make serious strides in the development of your golf game.

“Golf” Shooting in the 70’s, Golf Tips II – Putting

The US Open 2010 is almost finished and the big names Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els, and Tom Watson are not going to be crowned the victor. Three hours earlier I was watching Tiger Woods on the putting green practicing a one arm drill, and he looked good. His first tee shot was a smash, but then it came time to putt and right there I knew it would be a long day for Tiger. In fact all the big names are a having a sad day putting.

Golf Swing – 7 Steps to a Better Golf Swing

The golf swing involves both the body and the golf club hitting the ball within the middle of the club face. To accomplish good golf swings you need proper balance and a coordinated sequence of body, hand, and golf club.

Are You Fit For Golf?

Stop the frustration of constantly losing your golf game! Get yourself fit for golf before you play and you’ll improve your game tremendously.

Golf Tips – Can Online Tips Help Your Game?

Can tips you find on the internet really help you improve your golf game? Find out what to look for when visiting golf websites that can help you win your game.

Anger on the Golf Course Will Destroy Your Card and Your Playing Pleasure

Anger will destroy your score card and get you a reputation as being immature and unable to control yourself. Pretty soon no one at the golf club will want to play a round of golf with you.

Golf Tips – 5 Beginner Tips For Golfers

Playing golf can be a fulfilling activity. Here’s some tips that newbie golfers can use to help them improve their game.

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