Jordan Spieth set for PGA Championship after COVID | Live From PGA Championship | Golf Channel

Jordan Spieth discusses how he’s prepared for the PGA Championship after recently recovering from COVID-19 and whether the career Grand Slam is on his mind. #PGAChampionship #GolfChannel #JordanSpieth
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Jordan Spieth set for PGA Championship after COVID battle | Live From PGA Championship | Golf Channel

Can Golf Training Drills Be Free?

When a golfer implements golf training drills, their game gets better. Can you find them for free? If you’re creative enough you can, but be aware these drills may not be what the doctor ordered. Many times golfers try a bunch of them, but none of them really fix their swing. Why is that? It’s because they didn’t get to the root of the fault first, then get the specific drill that will cure it. Haven’t you watched the Golf Channel, saw something tried it and it didn’t work? That’s because you didn’t need it. You needed one more precise to your issue.

Golf Tips for Beginner – What Is So Crucial to Know?

Start Out Wrong Only To End Up Wrong. There are many significant things that can be included in this discussion for Beginners Golf Tips. It is important to concentrate on these 4 key elements of…

Fine Tuning Your Golf Swing

Fine tuning your golf swing is when you’re at the point where you have all the basics and you need to bring them all together. You have decided on your golf grip, you’ve got your golf stance down, you’ve corrected your slice, you have a good golf swing plane and making solid contact, most of the time. Some days, your ball striking is pretty good. You play again the very next day and you can’t control your golf ball. What’s going on?

Correcting Golf Swing Flaws Is Easy

Golfers struggle with correcting their golf swing flaws, and it doesn’t have to be that difficult or frustrating. Many times, they are taking the wrong approach and only making the situation worse. An inefficient golf swing can be caused by many things. Could be a flexibility issue. Or setup, posture, takeaway, downswing, and even as simple as your grip. The key is to get to the root cause of your flaws, and the best way is with video. Taking a video of your swing is a telltale thing to do. What you think you’re doing and what you are actually doing can be 2 totally opposite issues, and finally getting to the bottom of your mishits shed some light on your lack of performance, and or distance.

Twisting Golf Bags – Tips to Keep Your Golf Cart Bag From Twisting

Does your golf bag twist on your walking golf cart? Does that interfere with your game or make it less enjoyable? If so, this article can give you a few tips to help keep your bag from twisting.

Golf Tips In Your Bag

Golf tips are a “dime a dozen”, and every hack is willing to give his “2 cents worth” at any given moment. The problem is the people giving the tips can’t play a lick of golf themselves, so why should you listen to them? You shouldn’t! Instead you must find a credible source that you know can help, not hurt your golf swing. A good golf tip can literally change your game overnight. I know, as it’s happened to me on a few occasions.

Top 10 PGA Players in History

As of now, Tiger Woods is pursuing the goal of becoming the best golfer of all time, but the road is tough, as there are still some big names in the game that are ahead of him, and in this article, we will present you a list of the top PGA golfers in history. Jack Nicklaus: Also called the “Golden Bear,” he managed to transcend this sport by being known all over the world not just for the successes achieved during his career, but also because of his talent for designing golf courses, which helped…

Secrets of How to Fix a Slice, a Golfer’s Quandary for Centuries

Since the 15th century when gentlemen were hitting pebbles with bent sticks over sand dunes, one question has lingered; How to fix a slice?  Even in today’s game with all the technology we have built into our clubs the question remains the same.  Some would say that the slice has become the bane of their existence, and for some the bull in their proverbial china shop they call a scorecard.

Golf Fitness

According to Golf Fitness magazine, many injuries to players can be prevented by good golf fitness. We have all seen our favorite golfer struggle through injury, but even casual players are susceptible to injuries during the game.

How to Get More Distance in Golf With the Right Ladies Equipment

Whether you are a new golfer looking for a first set of clubs or an experienced player seeking some new clubs, finding the right clubs can make a difference in hitting longer drives on the course. To examine the topic of how to get more distance in golf with the right equipment, ladies should consider the following tips for choosing drivers, irons, woods and hybrids.

Struggling With Golf? You Can Use the Same Secret Golf Pros Use to Hit the Ball Long and Straight

For many years this style of swing was used by Byron Nelson, Sam Snead, the “Hawk” Ben Hogan, Mike Austin, Ray Floyd and many other great players, It was taught by golf pro’s everywhere. With the advent of the “Modern Golf” swing, this old school style of swing kind of faded away, but for a simpler way to strike the ball with power and get pin hunting accuracy, get back to the Old School Golf swing.

How Important Is Body Position at Impact During Your Golf Swing?

The topic of golf position at impact is vitally important in being able to consistently hit the ball how and where you want the ball to go. In this article we discuss the most straight forward method to making sure you have the correct position at impact.

Improve Your Golf Swing

It is necessary to spend a lot of time practicing to improve your golf swing, but in this competitive world, serious players need to do more. People who are serious about playing better golf know that their fitness level is crucial in their swing and in their game.

Customized and Personalized Golf

You can have any number of personally detailed golf accessories. Customized golf equipment, accessories or paraphernalia is a wonderful gift ideal for the golfer in your life. It is also a wonderful purchase for your own golf needs.

Golf Accessories Every Golfer Needs

Playing golf today is challenging both physically and mentally. The first thing you need to do is decide weather you are going to play for fun or play it as a sport. Having the right golf accessories and sports equipment can make your golfing experience much easier.

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