Jordan Spieth: ‘I did all I could’ in final round of the Open | Live From The Open | Golf Channel

Jordan Spieth met with the media after his final round 66 at the 149th Open Championship and why he is upset at the end of the tournament. #GolfChannel #TheOpen #RoyalStGeorges
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Jordan Spieth: ‘I did all I could’ in final round of the Open | Live From The Open | Golf Channel

Golf Ball Flight – How to Learn From the Flight of Your Ball

There are two important things to remember when trying to lean from the flight of your ball: (1) always aim at a specific target and (2) use a consistent setup position so that you start each swing in the same way. Observe the flight of your ball to determine whether it starts out traveling in a straight line or curves in the air from the very beginning. If you are a right-handed golfer and your shot curves dramatically to the right, it is a slice: if it curves to the left, it is a hook.

Yoga for Golfers – What Are the Benefits of Yoga Exercises and Poses for Golfers?

Yoga is beneficial for everyone who plays a sport. You may not immediately see the benefit for a sport like golf, however the flexibility and core strength that yoga for golfers offers those who practice it will help improve your overall performance. Yoga works to strengthen core muscles and golfers can benefit from a stronger core.

The 8 Key Things You Need to Know About Fitness For Golf

If you are interested in fitness for golf then first of all you need to understand what it encompasses. I can sum this up in 8 key areas. So here goes.

Golf Swing – Why Is the Full Swing Motion Important?

On the golf course, the full swing motion is used for about 50 percent of the shots. So, if you can master this one motion, you`ll be halfway to becoming a good golfer! The game of golf lets you use one consistent swinging motion for most types of shots.

Golf Pitch Shots – How Pros Shoot Those Low Scores?

Ever wonder how pros shoot those low scores? In addition to lots of practice they learn to get their pitch shots close to the hole. Most people think pros hit all the greens in regulation.

Scotty Cameron California Hollywood Putter Review

The Scotty Cameron California Hollywood Putter is the very latest addition to the California Series and could very well be the star of the show. Similar to the Monterey, the California Hollywood Putter offers you the very best in classic and contemporary design and performance enhancing technology.

Scotty Cameron California Monterey Putter Review

The new Scotty Cameron California Monterey Putter is simply pure class. With its classic charismatic looks, tour proven performance and modern cutting edge technological enhancements the California Monterey will improve anyone’s confidence and performance on the greens.

A Step By Step Golf Swing Doesn’t Work

We golfers want a simple, step by step golf swing, but I can tell you it doesn’t work. There are too many variations of this method for a golfer to see that it gets very frustrating to say the least. What I’m about to say may or may not shock you, but hear me out. I don’t care what approach you take to play better, but I’m here to tell you it won’t work unless…

3 Things to Consider While Choosing Golf Irons

Each golf player has a unique playing style and the golf irons need to be such that they conform to the player’s style. Golf irons are a crucial component of your golf equipment. However, given the range of golf irons available today, it becomes quite difficult for a golf player to select the right one for the game. As each golf player has a unique playing style, the golf irons also need to be such that they conform to the player’s style.

How To Swing A Golf Club – Here’s The Secret

Every golf wants to know the secret of how to swing a golf club. It’s been eluding golfers for decades now, but the search is bigger than ever. With a gazillion different swing methods, how come the search continues? Shouldn’t there be one that works for everyone? Or, is it like dieting and there’s a new one every week coming out?

Womens Golf Clubs – Factors That Matter

Womens golf clubs are naturally different than those that men use. However, a female golfer is by no means limited to using these clubs if the set don’t match the player’s style and technique. Just like men’s golf clubs, there are different factors that matter for women’s golf gear. This article aims to provide three important factors, so as for women to find the best types of clubs they can use.

Scotty Cameron California Del Mar Putter Review

The new Scotty Cameron California Del Mar Putter is a truly beautiful looking mid-mallet style putter. With its distinguished honey dip misted finish, sophisticated lines and modern yet classic curvy looking appearance.

Don’t Shift Your Weight – Rotate Your Weight For A More Powerful Golf Swing

I was eating dinner in a local pizza parlor a couple nights ago, and you’ll never guess what I saw that has turned into one of the best swing thoughts I’ve ever discovered? I’ll give you a little hint… don’t let the door hit you in the…

Scotty Cameron California Putter Series Reviews

The new California Putter Series is Scotty’s latest tour proven line. Utilizing many of the same ground-breaking technologies that made the Studio Select Series so successful, these new putters will no doubt help you to increase your confidence and putting performance on the greens.

This Crazy Game of Golf

What stories have been told of glorious heavenly days spent upon the links contrasted by woeful tales of nightmarish escapades enough to destroy the strongest of men. Could Charles Dickens have been a golfer? Who knows, had he have been one he would surely have experienced an avalanche of bewildering emotions during his round of golf.

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