Jon Rahm’s ‘comical consistency’ makes him easy betting favorite at BMW | Golf Channel

Head of Trading at PointsBet Jay Croucher joins Golf Today to break down Jon Rahm’s odds this week at the BMW Championship and why oddsmakers haven’t wavered from the world No. 1 despite his heartbreaking finish at The Northern Trust. #GolfChannel #FedExCup #JonRahm –
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Jon Rahm’s ‘comical consistency’ makes him easy betting favorite at BMW | Golf Channel

Playing Golf at the Right Place

Golf has become a very accessible sport for almost everyone. This sport provides both fun and professional career for the player. Hence, playing at the right place is important to achieve either or both of these aspects in golf.

The Psychological Preparations in Golf

Contrary to popular belief that golf is purely a physical activity, this sport involve the mental and psychological aspects of the person to ensure better performance and success in every game. Those who perceive golf as a lazy sport of swinging the club, hitting the golf ball, and teeing off towards the green, clearly observed golf on its external and surface level.

How Can the Gary Edwin Golf Technique Help Improve Your Golfing Skills?

Golf is one of those sports that require your dedication. You cannot simply play golf now, stop for a long time, and resume your game after years and expect to play as good as before. This is because it takes practice to achieve a good swing, and to perfect the skill of getting the ball in the hole.

Understanding the Biomechanics of Golf – Your Key to a Lower Golf Score

Have you ever thought about how your body movement affects your swing? Has it ever occurred to you that every muscle in your body contributes to how far the ball would fly through the air? Well, this is what the biomechanics of golf is all about, and it plays an important role in helping you achieve that low golf score that you have been longing for.

How to Organise a Professional Golf Event

Organising a golf event could be just arranging a casual 4 ball and throwing the balls to up see who your partner will be for a friendly match or it could be a fully fledged Pro Am event where you have to cater for professionals and many other volunteers that are needed to make it work. I am going to explain how to run an event for an amateur group which is like a professional event.

How to Use Visualisation to Improve Your Swing

How do you make sure that your golf swing is like the Pro’s? Do you have a lesson and have a video taken to compare or do you just hope for the best? IF you want to hit the ball like the Pro’s and do this on a consistent basis then read on.

Find the Perfect and Necessary Clothes for Golfing

One great aspect of the game of golf is the tradition of wearing stylish yet comfortable clothes while playing. This is what any enthusiast will want to concern themselves when looking for the proper clothes for golfing.

5 Golf Swing Tips That Will Help You Fine Tune Your Golf Game

When you play golf, one of the most important things you need to master is the correct golf swing. That is why you need to know some essential golf swing tips that will help you easily fine tune your golf game.

Golf Tips 101 – How to Execute a Pitch-Lob Shot

This article is part of a collection of articles that detail some useful golf tips. This one in particular talks about executing a pitch shot or a lob shot. This type of shot can be pretty difficult to master, but once you get it the results can be outstanding.

The Services Golf Courses in India

Golf was introduced into India by the British during the days of the Raj. In fact, the first golf courses were set up by them for the British Indian army. Initially only the white officers were allowed to play this game, but later the native officers were also permitted to be members of the Golf clubs.

Get All Information On Golf Training

Provides information and training related to the game of golf. Also has resources related to how to better the game.

Square the Lines and Sink More Putts

Isn’t it annoying to see a perfect tee shot sail down the middle of the fairway followed by a cracking iron shot to within three feet of the pin go waste because the putt went by the left hand side of the cup and ended up another 3 feet further than the original putt. Now we’re faced with a six footer to save par. How many times have we been in this position?

Tips to Help Improve Your Golf

It takes a lot of time and patience to improve your golf swing. It takes a lot of practice as well as patience if you want to hit those Long irons. There are a number of e books and tips you could find online which would help improve your golf swing, they would have tips which would improve your strokes with the 1 through 4 irons. These are usually considered the hardest to use and hit. No matter how many e books you may read there are a few basic tips which would help you hit long shots with ease and with confidence.

Finding The Right Golf Simulator

Finding the right golf simulator can be tricky. There are only a few that accurately reproduce your distance and ball flight. This article explains the technical info you need when buying or hiring a Golf Simulator.

Most Successful Golf Techniques

When learning how to play golf, you must realize the subtle accuracy and movements required to master the game. By following the golf techniques below and applying some practice, you will become a great player in no time.

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