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How To Shallow The Golf Club In The Downswing And Hit Straight Golf Shots – In this video, we share with you a lesson Andy recently had with one of his students Kieran. In this lesson Andy was able to eliminate Kieran’s over the top in the down swing and provide him with 2 golf drills to help him shallow the golf club and hit straighter golf shots!

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Keeping Your Golf Form in the Winter

When the snows come and the green expanse of golf courses gets blanketed in white, recreational golfers often have to take a forced hibernation together with their clubs. Unfortunately, their form hibernates to the point of forgetfulness as well, such that by the time spring comes, they’ve already forgotten the basics of correct stance, grip and swing and have to start from square one all over again.

A Golfer’s Diet

One of the most overlooked aspects of a golfer’s preparation for a great game is his diet. While golf may not require lots of running, it is a game of endurance, nonetheless. It is also a sport that requires a great deal of mental thinking. Both the physical and mental rigors of the sport require fuel which can only come from food.

How to Avoid Back Pain While Playing Golf

Back pain seems to be a common complaint among golfers that you’d think it naturally comes with the territory. It can get so severe in some golfers that even the most ardent players of the sport have to retire their golf clubs earlier than they like to. Sometimes, however, pain in the lower back can be traced to postural problems or errors of form and are actually preventable.

Tips for the Tee-Off

As soon as you’ve done your preliminary stretches, a golf game starts with a tee-off. How well you tee-off dictates the rest of your game. Getting the ball into your desired position in the green with an excellent tee-off shot lowers your score and puts you on the right track to winning a match.

Balance and Golf

Learning how to balance is key to a successful stance and swing in your golf game. In fact, any successful drive, chip or putt largely depends on a golfer’s ability to stay balanced throughout the entire movement.

Play Golf Safely

The wide expanse of green might look safe enough. But one peaceful and relaxing round can turn into a nightmare if certain safety measures aren’t followed. You might think it’s extremely unlikely, but accidents have occurred when players’ and/or spectators’ heads got hit by a ball in flight or when someone standing behind a player got whacked by a swinging golf club. Deaths have even been reported in some cases involving golf carts.

The Essence of Golf

True golf enthusiasts will often tell you that a game of golf is addictive. This can be difficult to believe at first, but one round on the golf course is enough to convince the staunchest skeptic and turn him into another ardent believer.

How to Repair Divots

Iron shots on the fairway will almost always result in a turf that is scraped up, leaving a scar where grass had once been. This is because irons are meant to dig into the soil even after it has hit the ball. Both the turf that is scraped and the corresponding scar is called a “divot.” Golf etiquette requires that players who make divots with their shots must repair them, unless you are certain that your golf course requires you to leave divots alone.

Just Hit the Ball!

One of the most common complaints about golf is its slow pace. There is no time limit save for the dictates of etiquette as to when players can take their shots. Golfers are allowed to study the placement of the ball and analyze their possible swings and other factors such as wind direction and how the condition of the turf might affect their shot before they can finally decide to hit.

Tips for Senior Golfers to Increase Flexibility

Golf is a game that needs a lot of flexibility. A powerful and fluid golf swing hinges on a wide range of motion that involves flexing the trunk, pelvis and both upper and lower back. As one ages, this flexibility often decreases. With decreased flexibility comes decreased swing speed and this is a problem faced by most senior golfers.

Pilates for Golf

Pilates is one of the most popular exercise programs in the world today. One of the reasons why it is so popular is because it is an effective muscle toning exercise. It also encourages self-awareness through breathing techniques that ultimately develop a more flexible, strong and agile body. Awareness also promotes self-control among Pilates enthusiasts.

Why Golfers Should Care for Their Eyes

Golf is an outdoor game. It’s a great way to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature while keeping fit at the same time. The wide expanse of green with its well-manicured grass, the lush vegetation and the water features are all relaxing scenes for the eyes. Thus, playing golf is not only a means of staying fit but is also a perfect method of stress relief.

3 Mistakes to Avoid in a Golf Game

Golfers, both experienced and amateur ones, are prone to their own share of mistakes and miscalculations on the golf course. Since most players usually have mastered (or have at least tried to) master their stance and swings, most of these errors occur as they make their recovery shots and their approach to the green. We list below the most common ones so you can avoid making them on your next game.

Golf Mental Strategy: To Chat or Not to Chat

Golf appeals to many kinds of people. Introverts, extroverts and all sorts of personalities in between play the game because it’s a natural mix of fun and calm, competition and contemplation. And since you usually play the game with your buddies, it’s always a good way to develop the bonds of friendships and camaraderie.

When Emotions Cost You a Match

Golf is as much a mental game as it is physical. As many new golfers will later learn, the mental aspect is half of what determines the outcome of a match. The psychological part of golf is a large determiner of attitude. If the cerebral focus is off, a game largely becomes emotion-driven.

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