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How To Practise Golf Like A TOUR PRO – In this weeks video by Me And My Golf we talk with the creator of the new golf app “Random Golf”. This app was created to help amateurs practise at a much higher level and visualise an actual golf hole when they practise golf. This is something the Tour Pro’s would always do when they practise golf and something amateur golfers really need to start doing when they get to the range.

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Golfing Tips to a Better Golf Swing

A great golf swing has the following elements: power, speed, rhythm, and focus. Mastery of these elements takes time. But before we can proceed to mastering these elements in our game we need to eliminate basic golf swing errors first such as— the unwanted golf slice.

Learning Golf

When you are visiting the golf course for the first time, don’t forget to take some golfer with you. You can ask your any of your friend or colleague who is a pro player to go with you daily. It would be fun and great practice. Your friend and colleague will let you know where you lack behind and help you improve your performance.

Backyard Putting Greens Help You Improve Your Game

A great putt can make the difference in a win or loss of a match or competition. Improve your game with your own backyard putting green.

How to Break 100 the Easy Way

A few friends of mine started playing golf as middle-aged adults. It was about time, but I’m glad they joined the club. One of them breaks 100 most of the time, and the other is still working on it. They haven’t asked, me, but I’ll tell you how, if you’re working on the same thing, to get it done.

Do You Really Need Golf Grip Instruction?

In a word: yes, you should certainly get golf grip instruction before you ever even try to swing at a ball. Your swing is the most essential skill for playing golf well and your grip is the basis of your swing. Further, unlike many other aspects of your golf swing, the grip has very basic, standards rules that really have to be followed to get very good at the game. Without a healthy knowledge and familiarity with a proper golf grip, the very foundation of your game will be significantly undermined and this is a problem that will continue to haunt you as you develop your game and gain experience.

How to Choose the Best Golf Club For Your Game

Naming the best golf club is a matter of great debate among golfers everywhere and it is difficult to get them to agree. Most players are looking for a club that combines forgiveness with performance all in one package. A quality iron is capable of sending a golf ball sailing over quite a distance but most golfers will give up a little forgiveness to get a few more yards on their stroke.

Characteristics of Quality Golf Equipment

Every golfer has his or her own idea about what makes the perfect golf club. An iron that performs well has the ability to allow the ball to curve upward and subsequently fall over a significant distance.

Golf Swing Tips – 4 Elements to a Better Golf Swing Plane

A great golf shot is not complete without ensuring that you swing across the plane. This is the route the head of your golf club takes as it whips through the air, hitting a tiny golf ball in the process. Find out the key elements of a efficient golf swing plane.

Swing Your Way to a Better Golf Score

It’s all in your swing. This is the concept of the Hogan golf swing. Golf is a mental game and requires a high degree of confidence. It is for golfers who want to avoid the problems of everyday life that we endure in our lives.

Putting Instruction

The first thing that you should focus on while learning putting is to learn the putting setup. If you have an appropriate posture with a correct grip of the putter, you can have the better hold of the game. Keep the ball at appropriate distance according to the rules of the game and adjust yourself accordingly.

What Is It About the Ben Hogan Golf Swing?

To become a great golfer, you should swing your club on plane. This is what the great Ben Hogan thought and practiced and ultimately what led him to 9 major championships.

2010 Ryder Cup, My After Thoughts

Once again all the build up and hype surrounding the Ryder Cup did not let us down. As long as I can remember the same type of situation occurs during the pairs, where Europe take a lead going into the final days singles.

Seven Most Popular Myths About Golf

We have a disclosed a secret in this article. A secret, in search of which, ladies have spent their whole youth.

The Expected Characteristics in the Best Golf Club

While not every golfer can agree on selection of one iron as the “best golf club,” most players do favor a careful blending of performance and forgiveness. A good performing iron can give the ball the ability to curve upward and fall downward over an appreciable distance. Still, few golfers feel willing to sacrifice forgiveness, in order to have a better performing iron.

The Top 5 Recommended Golf Club Brands

Any golfer worth his salt doesn’t need to be told that his game is only going to be as good as his golf equipment. This is doubly so when it comes to the most important part of a golfer’s collection of equipment – his golf clubs. The art of creating effective golf clubs, as well as a variety of clubs to suit different types of golfers, is a million dollar business for a reason.

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